Everything and anything about the Brick Powerbank

Everything and anything about the Brick Powerbank

Purchased powerbanks

If users rent a Brick powerbank and keep it for more than five days, they'll be charged the full rental cost and any purchase fee. However, it's common for users to accidentally hold onto it longer and return it after this period. Once the powerbank is registered back in our system users can request a refund for some portion of the purchase cost through customer support.

Stolen Powerbanks

Whether the powerbank is lost or stolen, we'll assess the situation to determine if they qualify for a refund on the entire rental or purchase fee. Rest assured, our powerbanks usually resurfaces eventually, and theft is exceedingly rare across the numerous countries where we operate. Brick powerbanks can only charge in Brick powerbank sharing stations, or with MicroUSB.

Traveling Powerbanks

The Brick network stretches across 40+ global markets. Though local payment systems may vary, the digital rental setup stays consistent throughout the network. It's globally accessible and incredibly convenient. Rent a powerbank in Stockholm and return it in Lisbon—no problem. With Brick, you can rent anywhere and return anywhere within our network. 

The Three cords on the Powerbank

The Brick powerbank provides chargers for Android, iPhone, and Type-C devices, making it compatible with a wide range of phones and other small electronic devices. Our powerbanks feature charging cables, distinct from data transfer cables, due to their wiring. While data cables contain four wires—negative, positive, data retrieval, and data transfer—charging cables typically have only two: negative and positive. As a result, data transfer or juice jacking through a Brick powerbank is not possible! 

5000mAh powerbank

With its 5000 mAh capacity, a Brick powerbank is capable of fully charging an iPhone 12 approximately 1.3 times per rental, if not in use while charging. With a lifecycle of 500 charges, our powerbanks are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Our powerbanks charge intelligently in Brick powerbank sharing stations, prioritizing those with the lowest charge. This reduces power consumption and maximizes the lifetime of the battery.

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