What's The Right Partnership for Me?

Not sure where to start your research? Take our quick quiz to find the perfect partnership fit for your business plan and finances. Let's find the right fit together!

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1. Are you looking to start a large venture, passive income, or not sure yet?

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2. What is your capital available for investment?

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More information on our partnerships

Market Operator

Quick info
- Minimum investment: €28500
- Minimum station order: 100 pcs
- Larger investment for market saturation
What Is a Market Operator at Brick?
We’ve launched the Market Operator partnership, designed for those looking to build a large-scale business. It centers around achieving market saturation together with Brick!

Network Partner

Quick info
- Minimum investment: €4580
- Minimum station order: 20 pcs
- Smaller investment of both money and time
What is a Brick Network Partnership?
Network Partnership is perfect for those looking for an exciting opportunity alongside their jobs or other responsibilities. It’s a smaller investment of both money and time, perfect for passive income!

Brick Franchise

Quick info
- Foundations of a Brick Franchise
- Financial planning
- Legal landscape
The Ultimate Brick Franchising Guide
Explore key strategies for success as a Brick franchising partner. Learn about roles, financial planning, legal frameworks, and relationship-building. Gain insights into market operator and network partner models for effective power bank station management and growth.