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Get Started
All you need to know to get started with your own powerbank sharing business. Here we cover everything about what a partnership with Brick will mean for you
All information about the financials around a partnership with Brick and how to earn the most profit from power bank sharing.
The Partnership - Brick Articles
We have been there and done that. We provide you with the technology and expertise to launch and scale your own Brick network.
Energy - Brick Articles
All you need to know about the energy and power consumption with Brick stations and power banks. Learn about energy and charging your phone
Wondering where to place the powerbank stations? What’s a good venue? Learn what to say when approaching a place and how to get the most out of your stations
Hardware - Brick Articles
Products for your power bank sharing business. Brick’s different power bank stations provide an easy way to charge phones or other devices on-the-go.
All products for your power bank sharing business. From our app for renting power banks to our dashboard which allows for Intelligent station management​