What Does Market-Entry Strategy Look Like?

Here's the lowdown: three stages - launch, optimization, and expansion. The launch phase? It's critical. Our top partners? They hit the ground running, deploying stations right after teaming up.

What Does Market-Entry Strategy Look Like?

Meet Brick, the software and hardware company empowering entrepreneurs worldwide to kickstart their powerbank sharing ventures. We've got the tech and tools to help you establish a solid network in your market swiftly and seamlessly.

Here's the rundown: three phases - launch, optimization, and expansion. But let us stress this: the launch phase? It's make or break. Our most successful partners? They're the ones hitting the ground running, deploying stations pronto after joining forces with us.

Launch, Optimize and Expand

Now, while we handle the technical and customer support side, we rely on our local partners to make things happen on the ground. The top-performing markets? They're led by partners who've done their homework, securing venues and securing spots for Brick stations well in advance. The key? Getting venues onboard before the stations even arrive. That way, once they do, it's all systems go - stations set up, staff informed, and ready for action.

Here's the game plan: launch, optimize, expand. It's all about getting those stations out there ASAP to generate buzz. The more stations in your market, the clearer the service's value becomes. That's the network effect - more stations mean more rentals, especially if they're in prime locations.

Speed Matters

When it comes to launch, speed matters. We're talking one station a day kind of pace. Got 20 stations? Deploy them all within a month. 100 stations? Three months max. And remember, building strong relationships with venues is crucial - the sooner they're on board, the smoother the launch.

Always keep your focus on what the venues need. Whether it's revenue, foot traffic, or enhancing customer experience, know your audience. Tailor your pitch, do your homework, and seal the deal.

Next up? Once those stations are up and running, it's time to level up. Start eyeing those larger venues - universities, arenas, hospitals. It may require more effort, but trust me, it's worth it. Get the ball rolling early, and watch your network grow.

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