Why Start a Brick Franchise?

A Brick franchise offers an ideal opportunity for all. Whether it's your first venture or seasoned, our franchise model provides comprehensive support and proven strategies for success.

Why Start a Brick Franchise?

Thinking of starting your first business venture or expanding your portfolio? Then Brick might be a good fit for you!

Our global network of strategically positioned charging stations caters to the modern, mobile lifestyle, filling the need for on-the-go charging solutions. By becoming a Brick franchisee, you become a vital part of this infrastructure, providing portable charging services to an ever-expanding customer base!

Where to place the stations

Struggling to visualize station placement? Our adaptable powerbank stations integrate into any setting with high phone usage. Picture them in malls, bars, libraries, or festivals - each spot catering to individuals on the go! 

Why Opt for a Brick Franchise?

Benefit from our experience and learn from our mistakes. We provide the expertise and best practices to launch your powerbank sharing network successfully, ensuring you operate with confidence.

Proven Business Model

Adopt a proven business model, minimizing startup risks. As a franchisee, benefit from our recognized brand for swift market entry without supply chain complexities.

Market Potential

Take advantage of the thriving powerbank sharing industry, meeting the constant demand for charging solutions amid our increasing reliance on mobile technology.

Support & Training

Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or new to business, Brick provides comprehensive tools and guidance. Access resources on network operations and sales strategies, empowering you to independently grow your powerbank sharing network

Scalable Model

The scalable nature of a Brick network accommodates growth driven by increasing demand from users and venues. It also positions your business to seize new opportunities and stay ahead in a dynamic market.

Franchise Model

The Brick franchise model's flexibility adapts to different locations and scales, catering to entrepreneurs with varying investment capabilities, starting from €4580.

Brick Partner Community

What distinguishes Brick is not only its global presence but also the collaborative ethos among our partners. As of 2024, Brick has launched successfully in over 40 markets with 49 partners, each offering a unique perspective. This collective effort enables us to adapt and expand our services to diverse global markets.

Start a Brick Franchise

Don't miss out on this opportunity to join our global network. Ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship with Brick? Contact us today, and let's get you started!