Navigating the Legal Landscape for Market Operators and Network Partners

We'll simplify the legal steps to become a Brick Partner and familiarize you with crucial terms, ensuring your confidence in moving forward with your franchising decision!

Navigating the Legal Landscape for Market Operators and Network Partners

Let's have a look at what the legal process of becoming a Brick Partner looks like. We'll explain essential terms that you need to move forward with your franchising decision!

Key Elements of the Brick Franchise Agreement

The following elements remain consistent across all partnership agreements.

Brand and immaterial rights
Franchisees must exclusively use the Brick brand without incorporating other brands. While granted the right to use the brand and software, abuse of these rights may lead to forfeiture.

Length of the agreement
The agreement runs yearly and can only be terminated by the franchisee.

Ending the agreement
The contract may be terminated by the franchisee or by default for any breach. Upon termination, Brick issues a final invoice for agreed-upon fees, concluding the business relationship.

Non-compete clause
Franchisees are prohibited from collaborating with other powerbank sharing companies during or after the agreement with Brick.

Key Elements of the Brick Market Operator Agreement

The following elements are specific to the Market Operator Agreement.

Exclusivity and Growth Milestones
Market Operators collaborate with their partner success manager to establish milestones. These milestones serve as benchmarks for earning growth credits and exclusivity, contingent upon the partner's performance.

Brick Market Exclusivity
Market exclusivity serves as a reward for meeting growth targets in a specific market. Partners with exclusivity may bring onboard additional partners, sharing a percentage of their earnings.

Growth credits
These credits are a reinvestment of the base fee paid by Market Operators upon reaching their targets. The agreement outlines how these credits are earned and utilized.

Region of operation
Defining the operational territory is crucial for launching the powerbank sharing network. The agreement specifies the area for which the Market Operator assumes responsibility and receives exclusivity.

Premium/business-to-business deals
Market Operators may engage in premium deals, with revenue sharing to Brick HQ remaining consistent with rental revenues.

Key Elements of the Network Partner Agreement

The following elements are specific to the Network Partner Agreement.

Operations fee
Network Partners incur operations fees for all purchased stations, commencing upon station arrival, irrespective of revenue generation.

Revenue share
Network Partners pay a flat 30% revenue share, inclusive of transfer fees, to Brick payment service partners.

Network Partners operate within a designated region as determined during initial discussions with Brick.