What Could Possibly Go Wrong in Launching a Powerbank Sharing Network

Globally, we've navigated challenges - stations stuck at customs, blinking lights, elusive venue owners, and government scrutiny. Our focus: swift solutions for any market!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong in Launching a Powerbank Sharing Network

Buckle up because we've seen it all - the stations stuck at customs, blinking lights, venue owners playing hard to get, and even governments being picky about two-factor authentication messages. Operating in dozens of countries has given us a front-row seat to Murphy's Law in action when launching a Brick network. Life might throw curveballs, but we're all about finding solutions swiftly for your market!


You've signed on the dotted line, settled the invoice, and now counting down the days until your stations arrive. While delays are rare, they can happen! It's crucial to factor in ample time for station arrival, especially if you're located outside the EU. If you've got a specific arrival date in mind, give us the heads up early so we can work our magic to get them to you pronto. Rarely do stations get damaged during shipping, but we've got insurance in case they do. Shipping costs are covered until customs, then it's on the partner's tab.

The top-performing networks pitch Brick to venues before the stations even arrive. It worked wonders in Stockholm, and with some persistence and creativity, it'll work wonders for you too.


After your stations land, you might encounter regulatory or financial hiccups. When we welcome new partners, our priority is a swift launch. To get Market Operators started, we aim to understand the technical nuances specific to their markets. Unique challenges, like ensuring the functionality of a Payment Service Provider (PSP), receive our focused attention with tailored technical implementations.

Some markets pose challenges in developing two-factor authentication; we've even faced restrictions from national governments on basic digital authentication services crucial for the network's functioning. Ensure Brick's full functionality in your market—check for cellular connectivity with our SIM cards, user accessibility, and compatibility of local credit cards with our software and transaction flows.

Dive into your research! Identify the required reporting mechanisms for transactions in your market. Conducting this research early, ideally before signing, gives us the time to navigate often intricate international-scale implementations.

When your powerbank sharing network stations arrive, the first step is to give them a quick test. Take a moment to ensure that each station is working correctly. If you come across any issues or find a station acting up, the Brick Academy is your go-to for troubleshooting. We get it – in the excitement of setting up, testing might slip your mind. But trust us, you don't want glitchy stations causing headaches once they're in venues!

After Launch

Long negotiations can lead to competitors swooping in. Don't linger - get those stations deployed. Some partners order, deploy a couple, and then hit pause. Keep placing stations! Familiarize staff with the service; they're your number one salespeople. Make stations as ubiquitous as toilets for users to have a hassle-free evening. Monitor station performance, negotiate with venues, and adjust locations if needed.

Always onboard your venue to ensure you're strategically placing the stations. Engaging with the venue and getting them acquainted with the service is crucial for successful placements! This proactive approach not only fosters collaboration but also ensures that the stations are strategically positioned to maximize their impact


Don't hit the brakes after placing 20 stations or even 1000. Optimize and expand placements. As stations become ubiquitous, focus on those with rental potential. Get creative with marketing opportunities, connect with brands, and consider premium models. Diversify venue types, reach out to your Partner Success Manager for deployment strategies, and keep those ideas flowing. Brick is here to assist and strategize for your market's success!

Feel free to switch your stations between venues to optimize the functionality of your network. It's your network, and ensuring it operates at its best is a priority.

Become a Brick Partner

Becoming a Brick Partner can get you started from €4580 as an initial investment, making our partnership a viable path towards passive income. For grander plans, we offer market operator possibilities, where we work together to achieve high growth towards market saturation. The possibilities are endless, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!