Expectations and Collaboration: Partnering with Brick

Collaborating with Brick entails mutual expectations. Here are some of our partner expectations and guidelines!

Expectations and Collaboration: Partnering with Brick

Partnering with Brick is a collaborative endeavor, and we have certain expectations for our partners, just as they have expectations of us! Below, we outline some general expectations for partnering with Brick.

Shipping & Delivery

We ship our stations primarily from Stockholm to most markets within and around the European Union. For markets in the Americas, Africa, and elsewhere, we coordinate closely with our partner in China to fulfill orders from our existing inventory. We diligently monitor our inventory to forecast expected orders, ensuring timely production to meet partner needs for launch and expansion.

Utilizing a third-party logistics team based in Stockholm, we prioritize fast, affordable, and secure delivery of our stations, powerbanks, and other items. Upon receipt of payment, we typically dispatch items the following Thursday, if not sooner. To facilitate smooth delivery, kindly provide detailed timeline information, especially for time-sensitive orders.

We recommend allowing a minimum of four weeks for orders to ensure safe and timely delivery, as well as allowing time for partners to test stations for connectivity with the Brick network.

Upon arrival, please photograph the stations to facilitate insurance claims in the event of any damage during transit. Rest assured, we insure all shipments to cover potential damages incurred during shipping.


Brick is committed to developing proprietary software to manage the stations globally. We view our partners as co-investors in this project and collaborate with them to create a universal sharing platform. In markets with unique payment service providers, connectivity standards, or other regulatory requirements, we work closely with partners to deliver seamless customer experiences. Technical implementations for exclusive market partners require significant development time and are prioritized accordingly.

Suggestions for software changes are evaluated based on their alignment with our development team's resources and priorities. We prioritize changes that enhance service for the majority of users, drive revenue, or align with our product roadmap. Please note that some changes may require intricate back-end implementations and could be subject to delays, especially when dealing with large institutional partners.

Testing Stations

All Brick stations undergo rigorous testing at our factory and headquarters in Stockholm to ensure operability and connectivity to our network. Partners are encouraged to conduct their tests before deploying stations at venues, ensuring seamless connectivity and functionality. While some limitations may arise, such as restrictions imposed by foreign governments, thorough testing by partners is essential.


Brick collaborates with our partner in China to develop stations suitable for various venue types, from neighborhood cafes to international airports. Our stations feature high-definition screens for user instructions and third-party advertising, all controlled through the Brick network. Larger stations, while more cumbersome to ship, offer enhanced functionalities and can be remotely managed by partners.

Shipping logistics vary depending on station size, with larger stations typically requiring additional support upon receipt. Additional taxes and fees may apply, especially for shipments outside the EU. Please consult your Partner Success Manager for accurate estimates and guidance regarding shipping and customs clearance.

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