How Branded Powerbanks Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Branded powerbanks enhance visibility, acting as mobile billboards for brand exposure. They're seen as valuable, used daily, and offer broad audience reach, improving brand recall and customer experience.

How Branded Powerbanks Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy


In the current marketing world, being seen is everything. New tools like branded powerbanks are the latest in promotions, providing a vital modern twist to traditional methods.

The Benefits of Branded Items for Brand Exposure

Visibility is key for building a strong brand and retaining customer loyalty, especially in our digital age. Powerbanks, as practical items branded with your logo, serve as everyday tools for visibility. They help people see and recognize your brand daily. 

Whether someone uses a branded powerbank in public places or during personal moments, it acts like a walking advertisement for your brand, broadening your audience from every age group and professional background. Plus, every use reminds you of your brand, particularly if the product is durable and lasts long.

Here’s how utilitarian branded items, like powerbanks, help brands connect with their audience:

  1. Useful Everyday: Powerbanks are something people can use every day to charge their phones or tablets. People are more likely to keep something around and use it regularly when something is useful. This means they see your brand every time they use the item.
  2. Walking Advertisements: Imagine someone using a powerbank with your logo at a café, on the bus, or at school. Every person who sees them using it gets to see your brand too. It's like having a walking billboard.
  3. Positive Associations: When you give someone something useful like a powerbank, they feel good about your brand because you gave them something they needed. This positive feeling makes them more likely to remember your brand and choose your products or services in the future.
  4. Wide Audience: Utilitarian items like powerbanks appeal to almost everyone because everyone needs to charge their devices. This means your brand will connect with all types of people, from teenagers to business professionals.
  5. Brand Reminders: Every time someone uses the powerbank, it’s a reminder of your brand. If the powerbank lasts a long time, it means your brand stays in their mind for a long time too.
  6. Digital connection: With branded powerbanks rented or shared via stations, such as Brick’s, you also get a digital pathway to connect with your customers.

The advantage of branded powerbanks compared to other Utilitarian items

Branded powerbanks stand out from traditional items like pens or water bottles due to their utility in today’s tech-reliant society. They're not just useful; they're essential for keeping devices powered up. This continual use keeps your brand visible and positions it as modern and valuable, surpassing the temporary exposure from conventional promotional products.

Why Opt for Hosting Branded Powerbanks Stations

Hosting stations for branded powerbanks, instead of giving them away, brings unique advantages. It promotes repeat visits and enhances customer loyalty by offering a valuable, service-oriented experience. This setup is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, encouraging sustainability while keeping your brand in constant view. By integrating stations like Brick's, you can enjoy additional benefits such as data insights and increased venue dwell time, turning a simple charge into a profitable marketing strategy. 

Brief description of the benefits of powerbanks as a promotional tool

Powerbanks solve the modern issue of staying connected, acting as necessary as a public restroom when devices run low. They're visible, versatile, and valuable, making your brand part of essential daily moments. With customization options, they seamlessly represent your brand’s identity, providing long-term value beyond the lifespan of typical promotional items.

  • Practicality and Utility: Powerbanks address a universal predicament: the need for constant connectivity. We liken it to a public bathroom – when the need arises you’ll need it right now.
  • Visibility and Exposure: Utilizing a powerbank emblazoned with your logo in public settings effectively serves as an ambulatory billboard for your brand, exposing it to a diverse audience base. Additionally, your brand is in their hands, just as they’re the most thankful for you.
  • Customization and Branding Opportunities: Powerbanks and the Brick app both offer extensive customization prospects, allowing for seamless integration of your brand’s visual identity and core messaging into the product design.
  • Perceived Value and Longevity: Unlike to short-lived promotional items, powerbanks are perceived as high-value products due to their utility and durability, promoting a positive, lasting association with your brand.

Case Studies

Gallerian: An examination of the mall Gallerian in Sweden reveals a surge in visitor dwell time in part thanks to the cost-reduced powerbank rentals inside their venue.

Klarna: During their anniversary event Klarna incorporated powerbanks into their event, yielding enhanced retention rates and augmented social media visibility.

Real-world examples, such as Gallerian's increased dwell-time and Klarna's event success, illustrate the practical impact of powerbank stations. Aligning the product with your target audience, creating appealing marketing bundles, maintaining branding consistency, and utilizing follow-up strategies are all crucial for leveraging powerbanks effectively in your marketing.

Best Practices for Incorporating Branded Powerbanks into Your Marketing Strategy

Target Audience Alignment: This is a no-brainer for you if you have a target audience that aligns with the product. Events or locations where there is a lot of movement, and where phones are essential are indicators of a strong product alignment to guarantee relevance and utilization.

Marketing bundle: Strategically select bundles with which you can offer free phone charging. For example as a gratitude for hanging out in your festival lounge, or as a part of a coffee deal.

Branding consistency: Sometimes it’s not necessarily the biggest logo or loudest colors that make the most sense, take a step back and see where the powerbank and its station fit in with your brand.

Follow-up strategies: With Branded powerbank stations from Brick you can access data, and leverage email marketing towards footfall traffic in a meaningful way that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, so make sure to do so!


Branded powerbanks are a dynamic tool for marketing, ensuring your brand is part of consumers' everyday essentials. Incorporating powerbank stations can elevate your customer service and strengthen brand recall. Stories from successful implementations like Gallerian validate the effectiveness of this approach.

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