Unleashing Power and Branding: The Comprehensive Guide to Branded Powerbanks

Branded power bank stations are an emerging and exciting branding tool that solves people’s problems while reinforcing brand identity.

Unleashing Power and Branding: The Comprehensive Guide to Branded Powerbanks
Image of a branded powerbank and rental station for portable chargers

In today's world, where everyone is constantly on the move and digitally connected, your brand on a powerbank is not just a logo on a device; it's a lifeline in the hands of your potential customer.

It's about being there for them in their moments of need – when their phone battery dies before an important call, or when they're lost in a new city with no charge left to access maps. In these moments, your brand becomes a hero, a savior in their day. This is powerful because it transforms your brand from being just a name or a product into an experience, an emotion, a story that people will remember and talk about.

Furthermore, this isn't just about the users who use your powerbanks. It's about visibility in some of the most frequented places in the world. Airports, cafes, malls – these are places where people from all walks of life converge. Your branded powerbanks and stations in these locations act as silent ambassadors for your brand, providing service and embedding your name in the global consciousness.
In essence, by investing in branding these powerbanks and stations, you're not just investing in a product. You're investing in building connections, in becoming a memorable part of people's stories, and in embedding your brand into the fabric of daily life globally. That's your 'why' – to be more than a brand, to be a part of people's lives.

Branded Power Bank Stations: Charging Up Your Brand Presence

Branded power bank stations are an emerging and exciting branding tool that solves people’s problems while reinforcing brand identity. These stations, strategically placed in highly relevant areas, offer users the convenience of charging their devices on the go while creating a lasting impression of your brand.

At Brick, we couple branded power banks with our premium model – the branding pays for the rental, and the patron gets to charge their phone on the go while experiencing the venue’s offering to the fullest 

The visibility of branded power bank stations

Branded power bank stations act as beacons of visibility for your brand. When users see your logo prominently displayed on a charging station, which itself is in focus at the venue where it’s been placed, it reinforces brand recall. It enhances brand visibility in a meaningful way.

Customization and Design

Power banks offer a flat and fairly large surface to put your brand in the consumer’s hand. It’s easy to customize the design to align with your brand aesthetics. From colors to logos, customization allows you to create a cohesive brand experience that extends beyond the digital realm. With the large 24 or 48 slots you can take it even further, and design images to display on the LCD screens attached to the stations.

Building Brand Trust

Offering a convenient service like free charging through branded power bank stations fosters a sense of goodwill and trust, both towards the brand sponsoring the rental and towards the venue offering it. Users are more likely to associate positive feelings with the brand, leading to increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth marketing. Most things branding are difficult to measure, but with branded powerbank rentals we can even determine the reach and interaction rate with your brand. The venues themselves get additional insights as well.

Enhanced café experience with access to phone charging

Adding a new communication avenue

With free powerbank rentals, you have the opportunity to communicate with your audience at a much closer level. Not only is the physical product and station branded, but the app itself as well. Showcase your brand in an unintrusive and efficient way.

in-app advertising in the Brick powerbank sharing app

Power Banks and Chargers for Your Events: Fueling Engagement

Whether it's a conference, trade show, or music festival, branded power banks and chargers are incredible tools for organizers and attendees of live events. We’ve got quite the experience with seamlessly integrating Brick into events, enhancing the overall experience.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

By providing branded power banks as event essentials, you open up sponsorship opportunities. Sponsoring charging stations or providing power banks as promotional items add value to the attendee experience and establish your brand as a supporter of seamless, connected events.

Klarna-sponsored event with branded powerbanks and powerbank stations

Enhancing Attendee Experience   

Long gone are the days of attendees worrying about their devices running out of battery. Branded power banks at events ensure that attendees can capture every moment, share content on social media, and stay connected, creating a positive and memorable experience associated with your brand.

Data Collection and Engagement Metrics

Branded power banks also present an opportunity for data collection. By offering charging solutions through your brand, you can track user engagement, understand movement patterns, and gather valuable insights into attendee behavior, helping you refine future event strategies.

How Branded Power Banks Elevate Your Brand: Beyond Charging Devices

Branded power banks are more than just functional accessories; they are potent brand ambassadors. This section explores how integrating branded power banks into your marketing strategy can elevate your brand.

Social Media Amplification

Encourage users to share their branded power bank experiences on social media, creating a user-generated content stream that showcases your brand. This organic amplification not only expands your online reach but also positions your brand as a forward-thinking and customer-centric entity.

Branded Rental Experience

The patron picking up a powerbank does not have to rent it, as the brand sponsor would foot the bill, but they still have to create an account to ensure that they can be billed in case of a no-return. During this account creation process, the user is continuously exposed to the brand of their rental sponsor.

Get started with branded Powerbanks

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