Can I Get the Brick App in My Language?

The short answer is: YES. We are proud to have supported multiple languages from a very early stage in our app and our web.

Can I Get the Brick App in My Language?

No matter where you're from, we strive to provide support in your native language. We currently offer comprehensive language support for most major languages, and we're always ready to accommodate any additional language requests you may have!

How does it work?

We won't get too technical here, but let's introduce you to our chosen tool: Phrase. You might be familiar with it or similar tools like Lokalise. Simply put, it's a database that stores all the text strings used in our products. Each string has an ID, but with so much text, it can sometimes be challenging to distinguish them. For example, an ID like "rental.header.alt" might not make sense without context. But no worries! You can always refer to the translations in any language we support, including English, Spanish, and many others.

We've got you covered when it comes to editing text in context on the web. You can make instant edits and see the changes in real-time. As for the app, while it doesn't support in-context editing, we have a solution for that too! When you're translating the app and want to review the translations before they're released to end users, we'll provide a beta release for internal use only. This way, we can ensure the app looks its best!

One of the great features of Phrase is the fallback language option. If a translation is missing or new text is introduced in the app, a fallback language is displayed instead. Typically, this fallback language is set to English, but as a partner, you have the flexibility to choose any language you deem suitable as the second option. The fallback language is only shown temporarily until the correct translation is added.

My language isn’t written with the Latin alphabet, will that be a problem?

Not at all! However, one thing we've noticed is that certain languages have longer words compared to others, which can pose a challenge when it comes to fitting them on buttons. Common words like "OK" or "Cancel" may require special attention to ensure they are displayed properly and don't cause any visual issues.

Could someone help me with the translations?

Absolutely! As an entrepreneur, your main focus is on building and growing your business. We're here to support you in getting started with the translation process, but we also encourage you to add your own touch to the translations. We love it when our partners add their own flavour to it. Your knowledge of your culture and target audience will help create a localized experience that resonates with your users!

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Becoming a Brick partner can get you started with €4580 as an initial investment. 20 stations will be the perfect launching pad for your network, giving you the boost you need to kickstart your network. It might be enough for you, but why not seize the opportunity to expand and grow? The possibilities are endless, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!

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