Can I get the Brick App in my language?

The short answer is: YES. We are proud to have supported multiple languages from a very early stage in our app and our web, but the road to getting there has not been without its fair share of challenges.

Can I get the Brick App in my language?

Depending on where you live in the world, chances are we already have full support for your native language, as we do support most of the big languages. Regardless, whatever language you’d want to see, we’re up to the task!

So how does it work?

We won’t bore you too much with the technical details behind the scenes, all you need to get acquainted with is our tool of choice: Phrase! Some of you might have already worked with it or one of its similar competitors, like Lokalise. Basically, it’s a database holding all the strings of text that appear in our products. They can all be identified via their ID, however, as there is a lot of text, they can sometimes be tricky to distinguish from each other. An ID like “rental.header.alt” might not make a lot of sense at first, not least out of context. But don’t worry! You can always see what the sentence has been translated into in any other language we currently support. Hopefully, you can always fall back on English, Spanish, or any other of the common second languages.

For the web, we also have full support for in-context editing, which means you can edit the text on the web and see them go through instantly. The app unfortunately does not support this, but we have a solution to that as well! When you want to translate the app and want to check the translations before we release it to end users, we will happily make a beta release for internal use only so we can make sure the app looks the best it possibly can.

Another feature we love with Phrase is that if you miss translating something, or if we introduce new text in the app, we always have a fallback language at hand that our products will display instead. This is usually set to English, but it can be any language you as a partner think is the most viable second option. The fallback language is only shown until the correct translation is added.

My language isn’t written with the Latin alphabet, will that be a problem?

Not at all! However, something we’ve discovered is that some languages have quite long words for words that in other languages are a lot shorter. Common words that appear on buttons like “OK” or “Cancel” might need some extra care to make sure they all look good.

Could someone help me with the translations?

Absolutely! You’re an entrepreneur first, no one expects you to also be a multilingual translator. We can help you get started with the translation, but we love it when our partners put their own flavour to it, as you know your culture and people best!

Check out our website, download our app to try out our product and see what languages are available today, or apply to launch in your market as well!