What Is a Market Operator at Brick?

We've launched the Market Operator partnership, designed for those looking to build a large-scale business. It centers around achieving market saturation together with Brick!

What Is a Market Operator at Brick?

Our global network's growth depends on entrepreneurs like you. That's why we've launched the Market Operator partnership, perfect for those aiming to expand their businesses. This partnership focuses on achieving market saturation together with Brick and represents a co-investment in our collective growth.

Choosing to become a Market Operator brings the advantage of launching a more extensive network right from the start, which differentiates you from a Network Partner. You also have unlimited access to a Partner Success Manager and the business model of Brick Premium, both there to help you succeed!


Upon entering into this partnership, the Market Operator secures exclusive rights to run the Brick Business in their region. This means that no one can enter your market without your approval. Maintaining this exclusivity requires reaching specific milestones. Not meeting these goals within the timeframe leads to the loss of exclusivity; you will continue to operate according to the agreement but without exclusive rights. The exclusivity can be offered to the MO again, upon meeting certain terms.

If you decide to allow Network Partners in your market, they become what we call Subsidiary Network Partners (SNPs). As a Market Operator, you'll have the opportunity to negotiate revenue sharing, fees, and other terms and conditions with these SNPs. Just like Brick HQ manages your partnership, you'll be responsible for managing the SNP's partnership.

This arrangement presents an exciting opportunity for both parties involved, particularly for you as a Market Operator! By recruiting SNPs, you can ensure coverage in remote locations, accelerate expansion efforts, and receive valuable assistance in various aspects of your Brick ventures. It's a win-win situation that allows for mutual growth and success!

Station order

As a Market Operator, we require an initial order of a minimum of 100 stations, which includes the power banks for all the slots. You have the flexibility to choose a combination of our 6, 12, 24, or 48-slot stations to meet this requirement. We have set this minimum order strategically, as it ensures the saturation of an entire market, maximizing the potential impact and reach of your powerbank sharing business.

Support from Brick HQ

We prioritize your success, and that's why we assign you a dedicated Partner Success Manager, providing you with support throughout our partnership. Whether you need assistance with organizing events, boosting sales, resolving technical issues, or anything else, we’re there to guide you every step of the way.


We provide you with access to our Drive folders, where you can access pre-designed templates for various marketing materials such as stickers, flyers, and posters. These templates can be easily customized in your local language, allowing you to create impactful marketing materials tailored to your market.

Any marketing activities in the region are covered by the Market Operator, however Brick HQ will work with you to support and ensure that any campaigns align with the brand guidelines.


Let's break down the financial aspects into three key aspects.

Revenue share
Market Operators receive 85% of the profits generated by their power bank sharing business, while Brick retains 15%. If you're operating in a Stripe market, this revenue share will be automatically processed through Stripe's website into a connected account shared between Brick and your company.

Yearly partnership fee
The Market Operator pays Brick a Base Fee to utilize the brand and services. It can be paid as either of two options:

  1. An upfront total yearly fee of €10.000, which is converted into Brick Growth Credits for purchasing Brick stations and other products upon meeting criteria.
  2. Monthly payments of €1200, without Brick Growth Credits

Station/operational fee
There is a station fee for each Brick station you own. Each station is equipped with a SIM card that collects data for our Brick dashboard, providing valuable insights into rentals and revenue. This fee will be invoiced to your company each month. The cost covers customer support, and network connection, and is regularly set to €5, but may vary depending on surrounding costs.

These fee structures ensure transparency and enable you to maintain control over your market's exclusivity while sharing the revenue generated by your powerbank sharing business.

Brick Growth Credits

To ensure your network's growth, you can receive Brick Growth Credits to buy Brick stations. To get these credits, you have to meet specific growth targets based on station purchases.

Implementation of Projects

As a Market Operator, you have the opportunity to request specific features that can simplify your operations, making it easier for you to manage and grow your powerbank sharing business.


To ensure progress and success, Market Operators are expected to achieve specific milestones outlined in their agreement. These serve as a roadmap to drive minimum growth and expansion in your market and help you lock in market exclusivity.

Become a Market Operator at Brick

We are here to help you conquer your market and achieve success in the powerbank sharing industry. If you’re as excited as we are about this opportunity, we’re ready to get things started!