Why Is Power Bank Sharing a Thing?

Why do we need power bank sharing? It's a valid question. Power bank sharing is valuable not for everyday use but because it can assist virtually anyone at some point when they need it.

Why Is Power Bank Sharing a Thing?

Ever wondered why powerbank sharing is a thing and whether it should even exist? Let's delve into the importance of these questions to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of power bank sharing

Sharing economy

In the context of the sharing economy, which utilizes the internet and big data to facilitate the sharing of goods and services, powerbank sharing fits in by making use of underutilized resources. Powerbanks (portable chargers) are often owned by individuals but are not constantly used. Powerbank sharing allows these devices to be shared with others, making them more accessible and affordable for consumers to use temporarily and only when they need it.

By embracing powerbank sharing (or any kind of sharing), individuals can benefit from using these devices without the need to purchase one for themselves. It also contributes to a more sustainable approach to resource utilization by maximizing the usage of existing powerbanks. It provides convenience and flexibility for users who need a quick and convenient way to charge their devices while on the go. It offers an alternative solution to battery anxiety and allows individuals to stay connected without worrying about running out of battery power.

Powerbank sharing is people sharing a powerbank

For powerbank sharing in particular this means renting a powerbank from a station in order to charge your device, for the most part, your mobile phone. The user can then bring the power bank with them and when they’re fully charged return it to the same station or a different station for someone else to rent a bit later. From a sharing perspective, it’s like several people sharing one powerbank instead of each of them buying their own.

Powerbank sharing is a great solution when you

  • Have a dying phone
  • Need your phone to be working
  • Don't have a charger on hand
  • Don't want to buy a charger or power bank
  • Don't want to or forgot to bring a power bank
  • Forgot to charge your phone

If you found yourself nodding along to the following statements, it's a clear sign that a power bank sharing service could have saved the day!

Powerbank sharing is suited when you

  • Always brings a fully charged power bank
  • Doesn’t need their phone or other devices to be on during most of the day
  • Always remembers to bring a charger
  • Never runs out of battery at an inconvenient time

This is the beauty of powerbank sharing, it's not always needed! But it's a service that provides emergency chargers for those who need them. Trust us when we say that the majority of people do! When they find those stations, they know that can rely on some extra juice when needed.

A girl with a Brick powerbank in her back pocket walking in a forest with a dog
Take a Brick powerbank out on a hike with your dog

Why should a venue have powerbank stations?

Venues, such as bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms, and shopping malls, can benefit from having a power bank sharing station in their establishment.

The customer can charge their phone without having to leave it.
Customers can charge their phones without leaving them unattended, ensuring a safer experience. They can enjoy their time at the venue without worrying about their devices being lost or stolen.

The staff can focus on their tasks and refer to the station for charging
Venue staff can focus on their tasks and responsibilities without the added burden of being responsible for customers' devices. This improves efficiency and allows staff to provide better service!

The venue is presented in the Brick app with thousands of users.
Being listed in the Brick app exposes the venue to a wide user base, increasing visibility and potentially attracting more customers. Visitors searching for a charger may discover the venue, leading to increased foot traffic and potential new customers.

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