Why is powerbank sharing a thing?

Why is powerbank sharing even necessary? It’s a valid question. Powerbank sharing is useful, not because it’s something to be used daily, but because pretty much everyone will find it helpful from time to time and is a potential user at some point.

Why is powerbank sharing a thing?

If you have been reading here you should have come across articles about What powerbank sharing is and What sharing economy is.

If you’ve read these and understand these concepts perfectly you might still be wondering - Why is powerbank sharing a thing? And should it be a thing?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions - Bravo!

It's very valid questions to have. I would even go so far as to claim it’s necessary to ask yourself these questions. The reason you’re reading this article is hopefully that you’re interested in powerbank sharing as a concept or as a business. Therefore a good place to be at this point is probably to ask yourself - WHY?

Going back to the concept of the sharing economy: “While groups of people have been sharing goods for many years, the internet and big data has made it easier for those who own goods to share and for individuals who are seeking goods to find each other. This concept is called sharing economy”

The reason some sharing economy concepts have become successful is that they make use of things just laying around or things not being used by their owner at the moment and making these available to others. As a result, products, devices and even homes can get cheaper for the end consumer to use for a limited amount of time.

Powerbank sharing is people sharing a powerbank

For powerbank sharing in particular this means renting a powerbank from a station in order to charge your device, for the most part your mobile phone. The user can then bring the power bank with them and when they’re fully charged return it to the same station or a different station for someone else to rent a bit later. From a sharing perspective it’s like several people sharing one powerbank instead of each of them buying their own.

Powerbank sharing is a great solution when you…

…have a dying phone
…need your phone to be working
…don’t have a charger on hand
…don’t want to buy a charger or power bank
…don’t want to or forgot to bring a power bank
…forgot to charge your phone

If you at any point of time ever felt you experienced a few of these statements you could or should have used a power bank sharing service.

Powerbank sharing is not the ideal solution for anyone who…

…always brings a fully charged power bank
…doesn’t need their phone or other devices to be on during most of the day
…always remembers to bring a charger
…never runs out of battery at an inconvenient time

Most people would agree with these statements, which makes sense. You shouldn’t need emergency chargers every single day. If battery anxiety hits someone on a daily basis you should probably evaluate your mobile phone needs a bit. But the point is that it probably will happen to a majority of the people once in a while.

A girl with a Brick powerbank in her back pocket walking in a forest with a dog
Take a Brick powerbank out on a hike with your dog

Most people will find powerbank sharing useful from time to time

In today's world, many people rely heavily on their electronic devices and can easily run out of battery power while they are out and about. A power bank sharing station can help ensure that people are able to keep their devices charged and stay connected, which can be especially important in emergency situations. As I said before, powerbank sharing shouldn’t probably be something anyone uses every single day, but most people will find it useful from time to time. That’s why power bank sharing is a useful service to be able to offer.

From a business point of view, power bank sharing works not because it’s a lifesaver (it very well could be, but hopefully not) but because pretty much everyone is a potential user at some point and possibly several times more after that. Once you’ve realized a powerbank station network can be useful and practical you most likely become a more regular user.

This was from a user and business perspective. What reasons could a venue have to want to have a powerbank sharing station in their bar, restaurant, club, gym or shopping mall etc.?

Why should a venue offer powerbank sharing?

To find out what could be a good venue to place Brick’s different kinds of stations, you can check here.

Different venues have different needs and therefore different reasons to have a powerbank station. Although, three mains reasons is probably true for most cases:

The customer can charge their phone without having to leave it somewhere. This provides a safer experience for the guest and will in all likelihood lead to them staying longer at the venue and having an overall better experience. It’s also better for the staff in for example bars and information desks to not have to be responsible for other peoples very important and highly personal belongings.

This also means that the staff can focus on their tasks and refer to the station for charging needs. For someone working in a bar one of the most common questions in the last 10-15 years is “Can I borrow a charger?”. This might not seem like a big deal until you add up all the hundreds of moments this happens. Add to that the annoyance it creates on both ends having to say no to that question. A power bank sharing station can take this out of the equation and take care of all charging needs of both patrons and staff.

The venue is being presented in the app with thousands of weekly users. This might not be the number one reason for a venue to have a powerbank station, but being visible in the app does have its advantages and can lead to additional foot traffic when people come in to find a charger and then for different reasons stay longer.

If you have any questions regarding the need for powerbank sharing or anything else you’re wondering feel free to contact us via the app, the website or apply to become a partner here!