What Is Power Bank Sharing?

Powerbank sharing is what we do! It's renting a portable powerbank from stations to charge your electronic devices on the go. It's new, exciting, and very promising.

What Is Power Bank Sharing?
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👉 Wat is powerbank sharing?

In today's thriving sharing economy, the ability to rent various items, from apartments to scooters, bikes, and cars, has become incredibly convenient through simple app or website interactions.

Among the rising stars of the sharing economy is power bank sharing, a service that allows users to easily rent portable chargers for their devices, experiencing rapid growth worldwide.

What is power bank sharing?

  • Power bank sharing offers the convenience of renting a portable power bank from dedicated stations to charge your mobile device while on the go.
  • It provides a practical solution for situations when you don't have a charger available, your battery is running low, and you prefer not to purchase a charger or power bank.
  • With numerous power bank sharing companies globally, this service helps alleviate the stress of low battery anxiety and ensures you stay connected whenever you need it.

How does power bank sharing work?

  • In participating venues, power bank stations hold and charge the power banks until they are rented.
  • Users can access the power bank sharing service by downloading the company's mobile application. Through the app's map feature, users can easily locate nearby stations to rent a power bank.
  • Upon arrival at a station, users scan the QR code on the station to release a power bank. They can then use the provided cords to charge their phone.
  • At the end of their rental, users have the flexibility to return the power bank to the same station or choose a different station.

Power bank sharing isn't only a station and a power bank, additional tools are required to make the service work!

What tools are needed for power bank sharing?

Stations and power banks
At the core of power bank sharing is the combination of power banks and stations. These stations play a vital role in charging and housing the power banks, enabling the entire sharing process. While stations may vary in size, they all serve the same purpose of providing accessible power bank rentals. Our Brick power bank stations seamlessly fit in any type of venue!

In addition to the physical components, software is a key aspect of power bank sharing. For us, the Brick dashboard software is essential for monitoring revenue, gathering venue information, tracking rental status, and obtaining station details. It provides valuable insights into market performance and helps identify areas for improvement.

An app
It provides a seamless user experience, enabling users to browse available stations and access customer support when needed, ensuring a smooth rental process. Not only do we offer the convenient Brick app for renting power banks, but we've also developed an app-less renting option for those who prefer not to download an app.

Power bank sharing is the ultimate solution to low battery anxiety. It's a safe and convenient way to keep your devices charged on the go, eliminating the worry of running out of battery power.

Become a Brick Partner

Powerbank sharing with Brick holds promising prospects for your success! A Brick Representative is ready to connect with you when you are. You can continue reading the essentials of a Brick partnership or get in touch.