About Brick Academy

The Brick Academy is designed as a self-serve forum for partners to find answers to their most common questions without needing to reach out to headquarters!

About Brick Academy

We built Brick Academy as your one-stop shop for all things Brick. Here we provide you with the essential guides to developing your Brick network. You will find guides, including video guides, that walk you through how to add stations to your network, how to add venues to your network, and how to add stations to the venues in your network.

Brick Academy

The Academy is designed as a self-serve location for partners to find answers to their most common questions and includes the best tips and basic steps for getting a market up and running. With the Academy page, we also aim to provide regular updates, including sessions to help onboard new partners with knowledge from our existing partners around the globe. It's designed to be a knowledge base and forum to learn about all things Brick without needing to reach out to headquarters.

Homepage of the Brick Acadamy

One-stop shop

Included in Brick Academy are troubleshooting guides for hardware, and more advanced guides to help walk you through processes like uploading images to your larger stations with screens; troubleshooting connectivity issues like the APN configuration of stations or more complex hardware issues.

We also have guides for developing a sales pitch to venues, creating basic marketing materials for your network, and more. Any question we receive from our partners we try to develop a comprehensive answer and solution and preserve it here on the Academy page.

Available documents and guides

Become a Brick Partner

Becoming a Brick partner can get you started with a minimum of €4580 as an initial investment. 20 stations will be the perfect launching pad for your network, giving you the boost you need to kickstart your network. It might be enough for you, but why not seize the opportunity to expand and grow? The possibilities are endless, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!