How Brick Enhances Safety in Global Entertainment Venues

Brick’s charging stations enhance safety by ensuring patrons’ phones remain charged, allowing them to contact friends and family or make distress calls.

How Brick Enhances Safety in Global Entertainment Venues

The global entertainment sector significantly boosts economies and employs a large number of individuals across various venues, including bars, clubs, and restaurants. However, safety concerns, especially those involving violence and assaults during social outings, are increasingly alarming, particularly for women.

In light of these challenges, proactive safety initiatives akin to those implemented in Stockholm are becoming essential on a global scale.

Providing a feeling of safety at night-time

Portable chargers are a surefire method of improving patron safety. It’s a safety measure that allows guests who leave at night-time enough juice in their phone to reach their friends and family, make payments, and worst case scenario make distress calls on their way home, greatly enhancing safety during their social outings.

Ensuring Communication and Safety

Through industry collaborations and direct venue feedback, Brick has identified a critical issue: the heightened anxiety women aged 18-24 experience when facing low mobile battery levels. This situation can compromise their ability to communicate, which is essential for safety.

Research underscores that nearly 80% of young women feel safer when their phones are fully charged. Law enforcement and venue feedback further highlight the pivotal role of accessible mobile charging in enhancing venue safety. Brick’s charging stations are crucial for ensuring a secure environment in venues that attract a youthful crowd.

Strategic Venue Partnerships

Brick partners with various entertainment venues to foster safer and more enjoyable environments. These collaborations underscore the recognized importance of reliable charging services, helping ensure that patrons can safely enjoy their outings and return home securely.

Key Venue Collaborations

  • Snaps in Stockholm Celebrated for its dynamic atmosphere, Snaps has greatly benefited from incorporating Brick’s charging solutions, thereby boosting safety and improving the overall patron experience.
  • Bank Bar in Perth, Scotland As a local favorite, Bank Bar has enhanced its guest services by integrating Brick’s reliable charging solutions, ensuring a connected and safe environment for its visitors.
  • Jack Astor's in Toronto Known for its vibrant dining and entertainment offerings, Jack Astor’s leverages Brick’s charging services to enhance guest safety and satisfaction.

Promoting Global Safety in Social Spaces

For more details on Brick's role in enhancing the hospitality sector and integrating our solutions into your bar or restaurant, see our dedicated pages and discover how partnering with Brick can elevate safety and improve customer experiences worldwide.