Charged and Ready: Launching Brick in Amsterdam

Amsterdam partner acted fast, scouting venues upon considering Brick partnership. Ready for immediate deployment when Brick stations arrive. Proactive energy is key to success!

Charged and Ready: Launching Brick in Amsterdam
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👉 Bliksemsnel in Amsterdam

Our Amsterdam partner didn't waste a moment—they were already in talks with potential venues as soon as the idea of partnering with Brick crossed their minds. When Brick stations finally landed in their market, they were armed and ready for immediate deployment. This kind of proactive energy sets our partners up for success, and we're excited to see more follow suit!

Rapid Deployment

Armed with our stations, our partner swiftly reshaped Amsterdam's cityscape, achieving nearly 100% placement in record time—an accomplishment credited to market insight rather than luck.

They didn't only prioritize swift deployment; they strategically pinpointed venues with high youth foot traffic. Given Amsterdam's status as a major tourist hub and its pedestrian-friendly layout, it emerged as a prime market for Brick powerbank stations. They had a head start by proactively securing placements in venues well ahead of station arrivals.

Our Dutch partners highlighted iDeal as a market-specific payment system. We therefore implemented and tested the payment system to ensure the success of their market. 

Simultaneously, our Amsterdam partner navigated this challenge without impeding the rollout of their stations. They strategically focused on areas in their market that weren't dependent on users exclusive to this particular payment system. Instead, they managed to secure substantial revenue, nearly matching the revenue per station of our longest-standing partners with the most mature markets.

Optimizing for Success

Now, with all stations deployed, our focus shifts to optimization. Our Amsterdam team is delving into new pricing strategies, premium placements, and forging partnerships with high-traffic venues.

Amsterdam's swift launch granted them the first-mover advantage. This enabled them to secure placements at smaller venues. Having placed all initial stations within 100 days of signing, they now pivot towards more intricate placements such as convention centers and fairs—venues with high footfall but challenging accessibility. As they enter the optimization phase, they're testing diverse pricing models, exploring premium placements, and targeting complex institutions, foreseeing substantial returns.

Brick in Amsterdam

Thanks to their proactive approach to identifying venues and swiftly signing agreements, our Amsterdam partner seamlessly rolled out stations upon arrival. Their focus on walkable areas, where our core demographic crowds on the busiest night of the week, positions them to achieve the fastest return on investment globally. Kudos to our stellar team in Amsterdam! 🔥

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