Brick Station Placement Done Right: Lessons from Finland

Discover the secrets to success from Finnish Market Operators: strategic placements are key to boosting revenue and operational efficiency!

Brick Station Placement Done Right: Lessons from Finland
👉 Focus on identifying smart venues that align with user demand

👉 Ensure effective onboarding of venue staff

👉 Strategic placement can lead to great results even with a few stations

Drawing inspiration from our successful Finnish Market Operator partners, we are excited to share valuable insights and strategies that can significantly boost the performance of your Brick stations. It emphasizes the importance of strategic placements and effective onboarding to boost revenue and efficiency in your operations!

Get Those Stations Out There

Our mantra is clear: get those stations out there! Swift deployment not only accelerates your return on investment and cultivation of habitual users but also prevents unnecessary costs associated with idle stations and expired hardware warranties. Additionally, the last thing you want is stations to gather dust in your storage. However, the key is to place stations where they are most likely to generate revenue–so, how do you achieve this?

The Finnish team's success can be attributed to their careful venue selection during their initial 100 days. With just 17 active stations, they achieved one of the highest rental revenues per station by strategically placing them in high-traffic venues, predominantly in nightlife hot spots in Turku. Additionally, they diversified their portfolio by expanding into restaurants, meal takeaways, gyms, and cafes.

Quality Over Quantity

Their success underscores a lesson: substantial revenue can be generated from a relatively small number of stations if strategically placed in high-demand locations! But it doesn't end there. The team's dedication to the onboarding process has resulted in venue staff receiving comprehensive information about Brick, leading to improvements in both the overall user experience and the station's functionality.

Diversifying Station Placement

After initially focusing on nightlife hubs where powerbank stations excel, they are now diversifying their station placements. By adding more stations in various locations, the goal is to become popular as people become accustomed to finding mobile charging solutions not only during nights out but also in various other settings. This growing familiarity will ultimately increase usage across their venues! 

Strategic Placements Before Market Optimization

As the team continues to deploy stations in their market, they will shift from the initial deployment phase to market optimization! In this stage, the team will assess station performance and make necessary adjustments for those stations falling below the market average. This includes relocating stations within venues and refining price models.

They may also consider moving stations from underperforming venues to others. After completing this second phase of optimization, they will explore future expansion opportunities to saturate the market.

Learning with every market launch

Together with our partners, we learn from every new market launch. We applaud our Finnish partners’ achievements in optimizing placements and securing agreements with smart venues. Their approach has translated into some of our markets' fastest-growing revenue per station. We're here for it! 👏