Case Study - Placing a Power Bank Station in a Shopping Mall

Shopping malls or shopping centres can be a great space for a larger kind of powerbank sharing stations with a screen and plenty of powerbanks. 5 possible reasons for a shopping mall to install a Large powerbank station: A powerbank station creates value for the mall visitors

Case Study - Placing a Power Bank Station in a Shopping Mall

Shopping malls and shopping centers are the perfect spots for bigger power bank sharing stations with LED screens and plenty of power banks. These stations offer a range of advantages. Here are five possible reasons for a shopping mall to install a large power bank station!

A powerbank station creates value for mall visitors

Battery anxiety is a common experience for anyone whose phone is running low on power while they're out shopping. Offering a solution for people to charge their phones in times of need may seem like a small gesture, but for someone facing a dying phone, it can be a true lifesaver. Enabling people to carry on with their day as intended adds value to their shopping experience!

A powerbank station can increase dwell time

Speaking of enabling people to go on with their day. We can't forget how a phone plays a crucial role in the shopping experience itself! Imagine this: you’re searching online for the perfect pair of running shoes while deciding which store to visit. Or, what if you are waiting for a friend but are not sure when and where they will show up? Perhaps you found a perfect gift for your mother and you need to send a photo to your sister? It serves as a tool for researching, comparing prices, and making decisions.

With a power bank station available at shopping centers, visitors can conveniently charge their phones while browsing, ensuring that they have access to the necessary information to make smart purchasing choices. It'll also help the customer to engage with in-store technologies!

A powerbank station gives staff more time to focus

Once a power bank station is installed, it operates seamlessly with minimal effort required. It's as simple as plugging it in and turning it on. Once set up, the station runs autonomously and caters to the charging needs of visitors.

Visitors can easily locate the station and help themselves to a power bank, allowing them to recharge their devices without any assistance. This automation relieves the staff of the venue from the burden of charging requests. Instead, they can focus on their tasks. Whether it's assisting customers, attending to orders, or ensuring a smooth shopping experience, the staff can focus on their primary responsibilities!

A powerbank station brings more traffic to your mall

The Brick app allows users to locate nearby charging stations, including those in shopping malls. So, if you find yourself in need of some extra battery power while shopping, simply open the app and find the nearest station within the mall.

The beauty of this feature is that it not only solves the low battery problem but also presents an opportunity to make the most of your time at the mall. While you're already there, why not take advantage of the shopping experience? It's a win-win situation - people in need get the battery boost they need and can fully enjoy all the shopping delights the mall has to offer.

Advertising opportunities on powerbank stations

The screen on the power bank station provides a means to display advertisements, promotions, announcements, and other relevant information to users of the power bank station, as well as to engage and inform visitors about the various offerings available within the mall.

Hand taking out a Brick power bank from a Brick large 48 slot power bank sharing station

A Swedish case study

In 2020, Brick installed a large 48-slot power bank station at Gallerian, located in central Stockholm.

Gallerian is one of the oldest shopping malls in Stockholm, having opened its doors in 1976. The mall, known as the New Gallerian, features over 50 stores offering a wide range of products, from fashion and electronics to toys. Additionally, there are 24 different restaurants and cafés within the mall, ranging from fast food to fine dining. Gallerian also houses a popular climbing gym.

According to data gathered until the end of November 2022:

Averaging 350 rentals per month

During this time, Brick users at Gallerian have had an average dwell time of 85 minutes, significantly surpassing the national average dwell time of 18 minutes at shopping malls in Stockholm.

This demonstrates the value and convenience that the Brick power bank station brings to visitors, as they can comfortably spend more time at Gallerian without worrying about their phone's battery life. The operational and technical support required for the station during this period has been minimal, averaging less than one hour per month.

A quote from Sandra, Marketing Director at Gallerian:

“In the New Gallerian, we want to offer our customers different types of services that create customer value. Brick has been welll-received and appreciated by Nya Gallerians customers; they feel the shopping experience is smoother and you don’t have to carry your own charger. This allows the customers to stay longer without the worry of their phones’ battery life. The payment system is simple and user-friendly, we see many returning users!”

It's a perfect charging solution

Shopping malls serve as ideal locations for larger powerbank stations, such as our 48-slot station! With the capacity to accommodate up to 48 powerbanks, these stations can effectively meet the charging needs of a large number of people. Especially in a shopping mall setting, such stations can have a significant impact; benefiting multiple venues simultaneously.

Looking to level up your shopping mall experience? Check out our mall solution page and discover how our powerbank stations can add a touch of convenience to your venue. You can place an order for a station and we will help you to take your shopping mall to the next level!

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