The Financial Blueprint for Launching a Brick Partnership

Discover initial costs, ongoing expenses, and funding options. Whether you're a Market Operator or Network Partner, we'll help craft a feasible financial plan.

The Financial Blueprint for Launching a Brick Partnership
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👉 De financiële gids voor een Brick-franchise

Let's talk money! 💰

We'll explore the initial investment, ongoing expenses, and various funding alternatives at your disposal. Whether you're inclined towards becoming a Market Operator or a Network Partner, we'll assist you in creating a practical and achievable financial strategy. Consider this your roadmap to financial readiness in the realm of franchising.

Initial Investment Breakdown for a Brick Franchise

First; let's dissect the initial investment required to get your Brick franchise off the ground. 

The Brick stations are priced in a so-called bracket model, the more you invest the better the price. 

Network Partnership
The majority of our Network Partners typically begin with an investment in 25 stations, with the average initial station investment totaling €6125. However, the minimum investment required is €4580.

We advise all Network Partners to have the financial capacity to cover station costs for a full year to ensure the network gains momentum and traction. Therefore, we recommend allocating at least €7500 to kick-start the network. Failing to do so could result in unnecessary financial pressure and stress.

Market Operator partnership
For our Market Operating partnership, we require a minimum of 100 stations and a fixed fee of €10,000, totaling the minimum investment at €28,500. The €10,000 fixed fee encompasses our onboarding expenses and partner success investments.

At the end of the first year, this fee can be converted into credits, provided you meet the growth targets agreed upon with your partner success manager. We strongly advise all market operators to be capable of investing at least €35,000 initially. Failing to do so may lead to undue financial strain and stress.

Ongoing Operating Expenses for a Brick Franchise

Operating a Brick franchise involves operating expenses, which vary based on individual approaches. Some partners run expansive operations with staff, while others manage everything independently. This operational diversity significantly impacts your business, and Brick refrains from recommending any specific operational approach, as you are best positioned to evaluate your capabilities!

It's strongly advised to avoid marketing expenses or custom designs for placements, especially before all stations are placed. Instead, prioritize expenses that scale with your income, such as revenue share.

Network Partners
Your primary operating expense is the operations fee or fixed fee, invoiced either yearly or monthly. Other costs for Network Partners are flexible and don't require excessive consideration.

Market Operator
You're subject to a yearly fixed fee of €10,000 but only pay operational fees for stations that generate revenue. The yearly fixed fee can be converted into credits for Market Operators who achieve their annual targets, allowing them to purchase additional stations.

Brick Franchising and Funding Options

Brick provides funding options for our most ambitious partners, but we do not offer initial financing. For Market Operators who achieve their annual milestone targets, we offer growth credits.

Additionally, Market Operators with agreements with enticing venues are offered leasing options. Exceptional Network Partners may also be offered leasing options to assist with cash flow and network growth, with this opportunity provided by their dedicated Success Manager.

Financial Planning and Management

Ensuring a solid financial plan is key to your franchise's success. We'll guide you through the process of creating a realistic budget, forecasting revenue and expenses, and setting achievable financial goals.

Brick powerbank sharing stations are a smart investment due to their low operating requirements and steady revenue stream. Each station can run independently for up to 36 months with minimal maintenance, and those in place see consistent growth in revenue year after year. Building strong relationships with venues can boost your revenue and lower maintenance costs, as venues may assist with minor upkeep tasks.

Considering different scenarios and accounting for seasonal changes is wise. While power bank sharing stations generate revenue, it may take time for the local audience at any venue to get used to their presence.

Brick Case Studies

Read about our successful launches, maybe it'll inspire you some more to become a Brick partner!

Launching Brick in Scotland
Scotland stands as one of Brick’s earliest markets beyond Sweden. David, our primary partner in the area, has played a pivotal role in shaping the franchising model while demonstrating remarkable ambition in growing his local network.

David appreciates the autonomy offered by the partnership model, enabling him to generate passive income without requiring extensive technical know-how. His network boasts impressive revenue per station, allowing him to optimize revenue while minimizing maintenance needs.

👉 Brick launching in Scotland

Launching Brick in Amsterdam
Given the similarities between the Netherlands and other thriving Brick markets, we pinpointed it as a primary focus for Brick's expansion in late 2023 and early 2024. Teaming up with two essential partners, Brick geared up to launch in Amsterdam and Amersfoort.

While both partners initially secured placements for their Brick stations, they encountered challenges in gaining traction among end-users. Swiftly identifying the main issue as the absence of the popular Dutch payment method iDeal, both partners acted promptly.

Brick HQ promptly integrated iDeal, resulting in a rapid increase in user numbers. Another contributing factor to success has been securing prime locations within Amsterdam's tourist areas. These locations prove invaluable as they cater to tourists who may face issues with electrical plugs, spend extended periods exploring the city, or simply enjoy a bachelor party, situations where a rentable charger proves highly convenient.

👉 Brick launching in the Netherlands

Launching Brick in Finland
Just weeks after Brick's launch in Finland, it quickly emerged as one of the most profitable power bank rental markets per station in Europe. The local partners achieved this success through three essential strategies: targeting venues that align with the broader user base, training venue staff on the system, and strategically placing the stations for maximum visibility within the venue.

👉 Launching Brick in Finland