The Partner Success Manager: Insights for Every Partnership

The Partner Success Manager offers seamless support to Market Operators and Network Partners, tailoring assistance to suit their unique business paths.

The Partner Success Manager: Insights for Every Partnership

The Partner Success Manager is your go-to person at Brick – they're like your coach, advisor, confidante, and main point of contact all rolled into one. They collaborate closely with the commercial and development teams at Brick headquarters and with you, the Brick partner. Depending on the partnership model you're using in your market, the PSM will work side by side with you to manage the network effectively.

Market Operators

The Partner Success Manager (PSM) regularly touches base with Market Operators (MOs), starting from the get-go during onboarding. In the kickoff call, you'll get the rundown on Brick stations and how our network operates. We'll chat about your preferred station placements and offer guidance on which areas in your market are ripe for your launch. We'll take you from setting up your stations initially to refining your market strategy and eventually expanding in your region.

During our regular catch-ups, we'll dive into your market performance. You'll get the scoop on revenue per station and the benchmarks you should aim for compared to similar markets globally. We'll also map out the timeline for deploying all your stations and provide advice on selling your pitch in your market. We provide sample pitch decks and offer coaching to fine-tune your elevator pitch. And if you need pointers on reaching out to top-performing venues in our network, we've got your back.

Your PSM will always be available through various communication channels, ensuring you're ready to hit the ground running when your stations arrive. By pinpointing the best venues in your market and focusing on those, you'll have support every step of the way with Brick. Plus, we'll organize summits where you can connect with Market Operators from across the globe – you're not navigating this journey solo! With the backing of Brick HQ and our partners worldwide, you've got the support needed to launch, manage, and expand your business. And if you have unique ideas to scale your business, we can collaborate to make them happen, whether it's through special incentives or strategic expansion plans.

Network Partners

For those starting as Network Partners with a more laid-back approach to your partnership with Brick, your PSM has got you covered. They'll start with an initial onboarding call to walk you through the ins and outs of Brick stations and the basics of getting your network up and running. While the PSM primarily focuses on supporting our Market Operators, they're also there to assist teams of Network Partners in expanding their reach. They'll group partners during the initial launch, optimization, and expansion phases, fostering collective growth.

Your PSM will keep you in the loop through our global communication channels, highlighting new products and services offered by Brick and sharing success stories from partners worldwide. It's all about building a community where partners can lean on each other for support and celebrate achievements together.

We're here with you

With your PSM right there with you, every challenge becomes an opportunity, and every milestone is a cause for celebration. Whether your goal is to dominate markets or pursue steady growth, your partnership with Brick is a journey marked by collaboration, innovation, and shared triumphs.

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