What Is the Subsidiary Network Partnership?

Joining as an SNP allows you to launch your power bank business in regions where Market Operators thrive, unlocking inaccessible markets for you!

What Is the Subsidiary Network Partnership?

Becoming a Subsidiary Network Partner (SNP) opens up the opportunity for you to initiate your powerbank sharing venture in specific regions where a Market Operator has already established a successful market presence, which might otherwise be inaccessible to you.

Market assessments and the cultivation of Brick brand familiarity among users have already been completed, simplifying your entry into the market. Your focus will be on efficient management beyond the core Brick business operations. Additionally, you'll have the chance to closely collaborate with the Market Owner to ensure your venture's success and profitability.

Subsidiary Network Partner

Under the SNP arrangement, you can start with a smaller number of initial stations, collaborating directly with an established Market Operator in the target market. This allows you to operate within a market that is exclusively serviced by the Market Operator, with an established and operational network already in place.

This setup is particularly suited for individuals pursuing a 'side hustle,' as it enables a modest start, concentrating on select venues within the desired region, without the need for significant upfront capital investment. Moreover, operating within a target region ensures that users are already acquainted with the Brick brand. While the Brick Market Operator liaises directly with Headquarters, as the SNP, your direct interaction is with the Market Operator.

The SNP Agreement

Upon becoming an SNP, you'll engage in two agreements as part of the partnership - a terms adherence agreement with Brick Technology and a commercial agreement with the Market Operator.

  1. The terms adherence agreement permits you to function as a Brick representative and utilize our app and Dashboard. This agreement requires your signature at Brick HQ.
  2. The commercial agreement is forged between the SNP and the MO, delineating the terms and conditions for network operation alongside associated fees.

Collaborating with the Market Operator

Being an SNP entails procuring your stations and remitting fees to the MO, rather than directly to Brick HQ. Under this arrangement, the MO, in turn, acquires their stations and channels SNP fees to Brick HQ, thus assuming accountability for the market they manage.

MOs are responsible for determining station prices and fees while overseeing operational zones for SNPs. This setup ensures that the SNP solely interacts with the MO, effectively serving as an extension of Brick HQ. Subsequently, Brick will disburse the revenue share from the SNP to the MO quarterly or via a monthly deduction from the Base fee. Concurrently, Brick HQ will invoice the MO for the SNP station fees.

Why become an SNP?

As an SNP, you have the opportunity to establish your own Brick Network, supported by a local contact person who can assist with strategy, network management, and practical support. This partnership allows you to collaborate closely with someone deeply involved in the market you're exploring. Your SNP journey also grants you access to your personal Dashboard login.

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