What Brick is looking for in a partner

What Brick is looking for in a partner

At Brick, we offer an opportunity to partner up with us to bring powerbank sharing to your market. As a partner with Brick, you are taking our brand, stations, software, and application and launching in the market of your choice. Your role is to place our powerbank stations in popular venues using the expertise you have in your market and making revenue off of the stations. You will be finding and negotiating deals, showing individuals or venues how and why they should use Brick, and overall managing the business yourself.

After having many leads come through to Brick (thousands since May alone!) we have an ideal partner we are looking for that can take the Brick brand and products to a new market and perhaps even the next level. Read through to find out what we at Brick look for in a partner:

Individuals who have done their research

Before taking a meeting with us, it is important that individuals have read up on Brick, our company, partnership, and powerbank sharing in general. Pre-meeting the individual or partners have looked through our website, articles (that we publish each week), and application, and perhaps prepare a business case before the meeting so that they know about the business and have an idea of what they are going for. It also shows that the individual or team is serious about pursuing this opportunity and would be someone that we would like to do business with.

Preferably a team or an established company

Whether you are a Market Owner with 100+ stations or a Network Partner with only 20 stations, it is ideal to have someone to partner up with in the business. We are happy to work with individuals, but a team brings not only different perspectives to the business but also shared responsibility so that the launch and management of the business can be done seamlessly.

Individuals that aim to expand and grow

Just as you as the partner wants to grow your business, Brick is aiming to do the same and we need your help and expansion to continue our success. We aim to find partners that want to grow just as we want to as well. This means not only being satisfied with the minimum order quantity of stations but also growing in the number of stations, and even markets as well.

Individuals that have resources (both financial and relational)

In order to launch the Brick business it is important that the partner has the capital and connections to do so. This makes it easier to start the business, place your stations, and expand. While this is not a deal breaker if an interested party does not have these things, it certainly helps and is ideal.

Individuals that believe in the Brick product and business

It is important that a partner of Brick is excited to be a representative of our brand and is excited to show and sell the product. Just as we believe that these products will be (and have been) successful, it is imperative that our partner does as well.

Individuals who have good communication and personal skills

As partners will be talking with potential venues to partner with, an ideal partner of ours would have good communication and personal skills to ensure that they are productive and effective. Communication should be professional and kind with not only venues but the Brick HQ team as well.

The following are ideal criteria for our prospective partners but here at Brick we want to work with individuals above all who believe in our product and are excited about it. From our 30 partners across cities and countries all over the world, we are working with a variety of partners from different backgrounds. Most importantly, the Brick Partnership is a team effort and we here at Brick will make sure you are supported and succeed. Feel free to apply at https://articles.brick.tech/apply/ and we look forward to working with you!