Brick as a Passive Income Opportunity

Explore Brick's passive income model through power bank sharing and partnership opportunities. Learn how low entry barriers and strategic placements can boost revenue.

Brick as a Passive Income Opportunity
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👉 Powerbank sharing als passief inkomen - wanneer start jij?

The sharing economy is booming! The concept of 'access over ownership' creates numerous ways for creative entrepreneurs to design their lifestyles. Is passive income maybe the way for you?

What is passive income?

Income that requires little effort to maintain is passive. It can be additional income from a rental property, the stock market, or a company that you are not actively involved in.

How does passive income differ from investing?

Passive income is an investment. Typically, investing refers to stocks and real estate though, and in these cases, the difference is that your investment increases your wealth. Wealth, however, does not mean that you add a revenue stream, passive income does.

Wealth vs. revenue stream

Wealth is the value of your assets, revenue stream means cash in your account with minimal effort. In other words, we don’t trade time for money.

When we build passive revenue streams it doesn’t mean that we’re actually expecting zero input, rather, we invest our time upfront to promote products that get recurring revenue with minimal recurring efforts.

Passive income examples

Consider passive income a method of setting up a system, technology, or method to earn money without ongoing, manual, input. It is not a shortcut to earning money, as it may require more or less initial setup.

There are plenty of different passive income ideas out there, just google it and you'll get millions of hits. Three of the most popular methods of achieving passive income are dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and online courses.

Dropshipping e-commerce
Dropshipping is a business model where you start and operate an online store, but don't manage any inventory on your own. Instead, your e-commerce front communicates directly with the manufacturer or warehouse manager, as you do the sales and they manage the logistics.

Set up Affiliate marketing deals
Affiliate marketing is a deal where you build a marketing platform, for example, a blog, and then forward online traffic to external websites; earning money from sales or click commissions.

Sell courses online to earn passive income
You can earn passive income from online courses, either by charging for online material or through ad sales related to your online courses. At its most basic level, educators use YouTube as their platform for online courses, gaining a share of the ad revenue on their videos.

You may notice that the most popular passive income examples are all digital, this is where Brick differs. Brick stations are physical and require a place in the real world to start generating revenue.

Brick as a passive income opportunity

Compared to other passive income opportunities, Brick partnerships have a lower barrier to entry. While the rewards can be realized quickly, it's important to note that the required skill set may not be suitable for everyone, and the revenue stream may be comparatively lower in terms of absolute numbers.

Brick Partnerships

Becoming a Brick Partner offers the opportunity to build a business without additional operating costs. Network Partners start with at least 20 small power bank stations. We recommend a Network Partnership if you are more interested in passive income. Our Market Operator partnership is for you if your interest lies in building a large-scale business. Market Operators dive in with 100 stations to achieve market saturation. They operate a larger network, leading to higher income.

Our priority is to get new partners started as quickly as possible. When Brick launched in Amsterdam, we were the first powerbank sharing company to enter the Dutch market, and quickly found success. Here's how we helped our local partner to launch in The Netherlands.

Placing of power bank stations in venues

Truth be told, Brick power bank stations can be placed anywhere where it makes sense to have the stations: bars, malls, restaurants, festivals, arenas, etc.

Various venues have expressed interest in our partnership, yet their profitability can vary. Corner shops, for example, might be keen to try it out, but they rarely generate enough revenue to get a decent return on your investment.

While all venues may show interest, focusing on those with higher foot traffic and phone engagement leads to higher profits. Success with Brick Stations doesn’t require you to be a socialite with extensive connections, but a proactive approach to sales and partnerships is required. Grit and strong initial efforts in outreach can lead to referrals, and expanding business opportunities.

After placing the stations

Once your Brick stations are placed, the bulk of the work is already done! While there may be occasional maintenance requests and hardware issues, they are minimal and can often be managed remotely. We highly recommend that our partners regularly visit their venues. It allows for better communication, and understanding of their needs, and ensures a positive partnership experience!

Through the Brick dashboard, you can track your rentals, revenue, and uptime to optimize your station placement. Occasionally, you may need to refill power banks, but the associated workload is relatively low.

Passive income projections after placing powerbank stations

How much revenue you earn from your powerbank stations depends on many factors, where many are in your control during your launch phase. When calculating revenue for Brick partners we always look at revenue per station.

Revenue per station allows us to project revenue and make changes where they're most needed. Revenue per station is determined by factors like:

  • Placement of the station
  • The type of station
  • Pricing strategy used
  • How long the station has been active

A Network Partner looking for passive income needs to make the initial effort to get a good placement, once the placement is done you can expect smooth sailing. Partners all over Europe, from Slovakia to Ireland, earn up to €200 per month for single stations. A bad placement, however, won't earn any money at all.

Successful partners see an average revenue per station of at least €20 per month, putting them on track for an 18-month payback time on their initial investment – while having to put in little to no effort after the first placement, and with a nice chunk of passive income trickling in.

Become a Brick Partner

Powerbank sharing with Brick holds promising prospects for your success! A Brick representative is ready to connect with you when you are. You can continue reading the essentials of a Brick partnership or get in touch.