How to Identify and Reach Decision Makers

Eyeing the perfect sport for a station placement, but no one seems to be listening? We get it, and we've got your back. Many in our network have faced the same hurdles!

How to Identify and Reach Decision Makers

Getting in touch with the right person at a company can be hard. We understand the frustration when you know a venue would be a perfect fit for a station placement, but reaching the decision-maker seems challenging.

Many members of our network have faced similar obstacles. To support you in overcoming this hurdle and to equip you with effective strategies, we've put together a list of recommended approaches to help you initiate contact with the right people, particularly at larger venues and companies.

Reaching out

When it comes to reaching out to potential stakeholders, the effectiveness of different methods can vary depending on the market you're operating in. It's important to note that what works well in one country may not yield the same results in another.

For instance, in Sweden, obtaining a phone number for a stakeholder may be relatively straightforward, whereas, in the US, it can be more challenging. If you don't have the advantage of a referral, which is typically the most effective approach, here are some tips to help you establish contact with individuals:

  • Call the reception
  • Email the reception
  • Check out the company’s social media (e.g. Linkedin) to see if you can get a hold of someone's contact information
  • Visit the company

When trying to reach bars or nightclubs, a successful and time-efficient way to reach out is to simply call the venue, ask if the manager is available, drop by, introduce yourself, and demonstrate Brick! It's always a good idea to tap into your network and see if you have any helpful connections. You never know who might know someone who knows someone!

Who to reach out to

The rule of thumb is that if you believe a venue would be a perfect fit for Brick, chances are they are. If you encounter a lack of interest or response from the person you're initially speaking to, don't be discouraged. Instead, try reaching out to another person within the same company who might have a different perspective or level of decision-making authority. Sometimes a different contact can be more receptive and enthusiastic about the potential partnership.

Here are some titles that have proven to be effective when reaching out to decision-makers:

  • Business developers - often the best initial point of contact as they are responsible for finding new business opportunities and partnerships.
  • Marketing managers - interested in co-branding opportunities and partnering with new and exciting companies.
  • Head of Partnerships - if this role exists, this would be a great opportunity to reach out.
  • Business owners, and CEOs - while they hold the ultimate decision-making authority, business owners and CEOs may have limited time to personally respond to emails or inquiries. It's important to capture their attention and demonstrate the value of Brick quickly and effectively.
  • Customer experience/service - those responsible for customer experience and service are likely to be highly interested in Brick as it adds value to their customers' experience.
  • Safety/security division - the safety and security division within an organization understands the importance of having a fully charged phone in emergency situations. Positioning Brick as a solution that enhances personal safety by ensuring access to a charged phone can be compelling to this department.

While the list above covers some key roles to target when reaching out, it's important to note that there may be other roles and positions within a company that could also be suitable for initiating contact. Each company is unique, and it's worth exploring different avenues to find the right person to connect with!

Additionally, utilizing the Brick Global Slack channel is a valuable resource for gathering more insights and tips from other members of the network. Sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge can be valuable when building your network!

Become a Brick Partner

Becoming a Brick partner presents a chance to build a business without the burden of additional operating costs. It’s an opportunity to focus on growth and expansion.

With a startup cost starting at €4580, becoming a Brick partner offers different opportunities. While 20 stations and a small passive income are enough for some, most aim for continuous growth, expansion, and larger income!

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