Where to place stations in your venues

The placement of your powerbank station is key to your success! It should be highly visible, easily accessible, and benefit both staff and users.

Where to place stations in your venues

When it comes to placing your stations in venues, there are a few factors to consider. The placement of powerbank stations depends on the size and layout of the venue and station size. Placement should go in accordance with the venue owner and/or staff, the station shouldn’t obstruct them from doing their work! We’re here to make life easier, not harder.

Make sure the powerbank station is easily accessible

Powerbank stations should be easy to find and access. They should be placed in visible and well-lit areas. Think about lobbies, food and beverage areas, near popular attractions/exhibitions, entrances/exits, or in the center of the venue. Easy accessibility is not only important for users looking to rent but also for users looking to return the powerbank.

Maximize the powerbank station's visibility  

Maximize placement by ensuring the station is easy to spot. If the station doesn’t stand out whilst placed in a good location, chances are that it won’t be used as much. The type of station affects visibility: our large stations have a presence and are difficult to miss whereas our smaller stations are petite and will need some help to stand out. Place these on eye level by either using a Brick stand or placing them on a bar/counter!

Make sure the stations are spread out

When placing multiple stations, make sure they’re spread out throughout the venue. Don’t concentrate the stations in one area. This is particularly important for larger locations. If the venue has multiple floors, place stations on each floor. Ensure convenience and accessibility, nobody has time to look for a powerbank station.

Remember: safety first!

Just a reminder, but please make sure the powerbank station doesn’t block exits or emergency equipment!

The placement of the powerbank station is key

Placement accounts for your success! It should also benefit the staff of the venue as they are the host of your service. It should be easy for them to explain and refer to. If the stations are hidden away or hard to find - it’ll defeat the purpose of having the stations. Don’t forget to give the venue staff free rentals for them to experience and get to know the service. Happy staff = happy ambassadors!

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