Who are the users?

Who is the usual Brick user? The short answer is anyone. Brick is for pretty much anyone and everyone. If you have a phone that can run out of battery you are a very likely Brick user

Who are the users?
Who are the Brick users?

Pretty much anyone can be a Brick user

Most people that have a phone will at some point need to rent a powerbank

Welcome to the world of Brick! If you're reading this, you're probably curious about who our users are and who’s using powerbank sharing. Well, let us tell you, our users are people just like you and me! They're individuals who are on the go (not all the time, but sometimes), who have a phone (or any other device) that can run out of battery, and who is not carrying a fully charged powerbank with them. See? Pretty much anyone can be a potential Brick user at some point!

For example these people

Our users are for example:

Those who travel long distances every day and use their phone while commuting.

Students who spend a lot of time on campus need to keep their devices charged throughout the day.

Tourists who are traveling to new places, exploring the city and may not have access to power outlets.

Business professionals who are attending meetings and events all over town need to stay connected throughout the day.

Girl holding a coffee, a phone and a charger standing in a train car

A typical powerbank sharing user appreciates simplicity, convenience, and flexibility

Our users value convenience, flexibility, and the ability to be out and about without worrying about their device running out of juice. Whether you need a quick charge before a meeting, a long charge during dinner, or just want to stay connected during a day out, Brick’s charging stations and the app will be of help. Our typical users appreciate simplicity, and they definitely don't want to be tied to a wall while their device is charging.

At these places

Do you know what our users have in common with everyone else? They love visiting a restaurant or a bar once in a while. People tend to spend a long time at a bar or restaurant with good friends, great food, and drinks, and their mobile devices may run out of battery while they are there. Offering access to a power bank sharing station can be a value-added service for these guests. Guests can charge their devices and stay connected while they indulge in good company, great food, and delicious drinks. It's a win-win situation that keeps our users charged and connected throughout their evening and into the night.

Powerbank sharing is great for plenty of different places

Customers in a shopping mall can also be potential users of a powerbank sharing app. People spend hours in shopping malls, possibly also texting, talking on the phone, and taking pictures. And their mobile devices may run out of battery while they are there. Luckily plenty of shopping malls have one or more of our 48-slot stations ready to be rented from.

Man taking out a charger from a Brick 48 slot powerbank sharing station

Yes, people in a gym can also be potential users of a power bank sharing app. Many people use their mobile devices for music, tracking workouts, and staying connected while they exercise. And guess what? People hate it when they run out of battery in the middle of a song.

And also these places, since it’s on-the-go

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, running, hiking, walking, and may not have a power outlet nearby could use a Brick once in a while. Renting a powerbank you don’t have to be stuck to a wall.

Powerbank sharing charges your phone on-the-go

The great thing about powerbank sharing is that you can charge on-the-go! You’ve got a low battery when you start your journey, and it’s fully charged when you arrive! Then you just pop the Brick powerbank back in a new station when you’re done charging.

These age groups

The age group most likely to use a power bank sharing app could be very hard to precisely pinpoint. Many people of different ages use mobile devices and may find themselves in situations where they need to charge their devices on-the-go.

Millennials and Gen Z are heavy smartphone users

However, younger age groups, such as millennials and Gen Z, are more likely to be heavy users of mobile devices. As the older generation tends to (fairly accurately) point out: “Kids these days are always sitting with their phones”. In addition, younger generations tend to be more tech-savvy and comfortable with using mobile apps and are early adopters of a power bank sharing app.

Young people sitting in the back of a car charging a phone and an Nintendo switch with a Brick powerbank

But older generations are getting more and more tech-savvy

Mobile devices aren't just for young people! Even older age groups, like Gen X and Baby Boomers, are getting in on the mobile action. Who knew, right? And they could absolutely benefit from a power bank sharing app too! Those tech-savvy seniors might need a little extra juice for their devices on the go.

As we said, pretty much anyone is a potential Brick user

So, there you have it. Brick's powerbank sharing is for pretty much anyone and everyone. If you have a phone (or any other device) that can run out of battery, and you're not carrying a fully charged powerbank with you (and let's face it, who does?), then you could be a potential user of Brick.

Interested in trying out Brick or becoming a partner?

If you’re interested in testing our app out you can download our app. If you want to find out more you can visit our website or you can bring Brick to your country by applying to become a partner here.