Why Onboarding a Venue Is Your Key to Success

The onboarding process should not be overlooked. It’s not difficult to do a good onboarding, but failing to do so can lead to many unnecessary problems!

Why Onboarding a Venue Is Your Key to Success
A great onboarding can make or break the success of your station

Congratulations on placing a powerbank station in a venue! It's an exciting step towards generating rentals and providing a valuable service. However, your journey doesn't end there. To ensure the optimal performance of your station, there's an important step remaining: the onboarding process

What is onboarding?

Onboarding a venue is an essential step that involves providing the venue owner and staff with all the necessary information about the powerbank sharing station. It ensures that everyone is well-informed and equipped to handle the station effectively.

Stations generate users
Powerbank stations play a significant role in generating new users for Brick. A majority of Brick users tend to download the app when they are physically present in front of a Brick station. This scenario makes perfect sense because users often discover Brick when they are low on battery and in need of a charging solution. It is during this critical moment that they try out our service and become active users. This organic interaction with the stations serves as a cost-effective of acquiring new users for Brick.

Rentals lead to rentals
Powerbank rentals have a ripple effect in generating new users. Our statistics reveal that when people witness someone renting a powerbank, they are more inclined to try it out themselves. We think people feel more at ease when they see others using the Brick!

In this case, venue staff members often have the lowest barrier to trying out the powerbank sharing service. Their firsthand experience and positive feedback can encourage other customers to engage in powerbank rentals, thereby expanding the user base.

Why onboarding is key to your success

It is through effective onboarding that you can ensure the staff at the venue understand and support the powerbank sharing concept, leading to a network that generates rentals. The venue staff holds key factors in the success of a powerbank rental station:

  1. Placement: They decide where the station is placed within the venue. It is crucial to position the station in a highly visible location that is easily accessible to anyone in need of a powerbank.
  2. Referrals: The staff serves as the primary point of reference for customers. When the staff understands and appreciates the concept of powerbank sharing, they are more likely to refer customers to the station for all their charging needs.

How to onboard a venue

Onboarding a venue is a simple process that revolves around communication, assistance, and building strong connections. The first step is to explain and demonstrate the station and rental to the staff, ensuring that as many team members as possible are informed. This can be done through demonstrations, sending out informative emails can also be effective.

Staff should rent for free! It's customary to provide staff with a promo code for free rentals for them to experience the service firsthand and understand its usefulness. It is crucial that the staff knows how to use the station to confidently refer customers to it for charging needs.

The placement of the station is also important during the onboarding process. A well-positioned station is easy to find, used more frequently, and beneficial for both the staff and visitors. By having an efficient station, the staff can focus on their tasks, while customers may stay longer and have a better experience.

Being helpful goes beyond just providing information about the station. It also involves assuring the venue that they are in capable hands. Brick takes care of the installation, maintenance, and customer support for the station. In case of any issues, the venue can reach out to Brick through the support channels or contact their local representative for prompt assistance.

Maintaining a strong connection with the venue is crucial in addressing any questions or problems that may arise. Good communication allows for quick resolution of any station-related issues, ensuring a smooth operation. Additionally, building a good relationship with the venue is beneficial as word-of-mouth recommendations and positive experiences can lead to more rentals, users, and stations within the city's network.

Lessons from a failed onboarding

What happens when you drop the ball with the onboarding and fail to do it? Well, we know from experience that it will not work in your favor.

If onboarding is overlooked and the necessary information is not properly conveyed, it can lead to some unfortunate outcomes. The staff doesn't know what the station does, how to use it, how to contact Brick, and possibly remove the station. We definitely don't want that!

It's essential to ensure the staff understands the station's purpose, how to use it, and where to place it for maximum visibility and convenience. By providing a smooth onboarding experience, we can ensure the station becomes a valuable asset rather than a forgotten artifact.

Key takeaways

The onboarding process should be taken seriously as it can greatly impact your success. While achieving good onboarding is not overly complicated, failed onboarding can lead to unnecessary problems.

  • Great onboarding is the key to generating users and increasing rentals.
  • It is crucial that the staff at the venue understand how to use the station and that its placement is strategic for maximum revenue.
  • Assuring the venue that they are in good hands fosters trust and a strong connection

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