Which Option Should I Choose: Market Operator or Network Partner?

Market Operators manage a larger network with the potential for market exclusivity and top-tier support. In contrast, Network Partners begin smaller without exclusivity and receive basic support.

Which Option Should I Choose: Market Operator or Network Partner?
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The differences between a Brick Market Operator and a Network Partner boil down to scale, exclusivity, and support. Market Operators handle a larger network, usually starting with at least 100 stations. They may snag market exclusivity, paving the way for significant growth and primo support from Brick.

On the flip side, Network Partners kick off on a smaller scale, typically around 20 stations, without exclusive market rights and with a more laid-back business vibe and basic support. Plus, the revenue, costs, and level of hand-holding from Brick differ between the two roles.

Let's discuss the two partnerships 👏

Brick Network Partnership

A partnership focused on crafting a passive income stream through a small powerbank sharing network.


  • Self-serve training & guides
  • Ready-to-use sales templates
  • Community access
  • Onboarding + 5 hours of partner success

Key Financial factors

  • Minimum first order: 20 stations
  • Monthly operations fee: €5 / received station
  • Revenue share: 70% retained

Brick Market Operator Partnership

Kicking off from €10.000 per year, with growth goals unlocking a model primed for saturation and expansion. We team up with Market Operators, pitching in together to achieve rapid growth.


  • Everything in Network Partnership
  • Market exclusivity during expansion
  • Full access to Partner Success Manager 
  • Brick Premium access
  • Achievable Milestones targets with Growth credit rewards
  • Growth credits: Order stations for free

Key financial factors 

  • Minimum first order: 100 stations
  • Monthly operations fee: €5 / placed station
  • Revenue share: 85% retained

The Responsibilities of Brick Partners

Given that the partnerships are oriented differently, with one focusing on generating passive income and the other on expanding and saturating the market, it's essential to recognize that your level of responsibility will vary depending on your partnership model.

As a Network Partner, your responsibility is limited to managing fewer stations and incurring only minimal recurring costs for maintaining station SIM uptime and providing customer support.

On the other hand, Market Operators at Brick are given exclusive franchise rights in their region, provided they meet the agreed-upon milestones with their Partner Success Manager. This places a significantly greater responsibility on Market Operators to achieve their goals to retain their benefits.

The Benefits Per Partnership

Just as their responsibilities differ, so do the benefits for a Network Partner and a Market Operator. While a Network Partner primarily earns income from station rentals, a Market Operator enjoys numerous advantages tailored to foster their growth.

As a Market Operator, you gain exclusive access to a dedicated Partner Success Manager (PSM), committed to addressing your questions, offering guidance, and steering you in the right direction. Your PSM will provide weekly progress updates, assist in performance analysis, set benchmarks, offer guidance, and advocate for your needs and preferences when liaising with the rest of the team.

Financial Payoff for Brick Partners

The financials are very different for the two partner types. As a Network Partner at Brick, you retain 70% of the revenue and pay €5 per owned station as an operations fee – covering customer support and the SIM card cost of your station. As a Network Partner, you pay your stations based on a per-order price list.

As a Market Operator, you retain 85% of the revenue and pay €5 per placed station in operations fee. Your price list is cumulative as a Market Operator, meaning that you get better pricing the more your network grows. You also get access to financing options, and have the right to signed premium and advertising contracts.