More Frequently Asked Questions

Get ready for more FAQs!

More Frequently Asked Questions

Get ready for more FAQs! We've compiled a list of the seemingly random, yet important, questions we get about Brick. Missed our first one? Go check out our other top 10 frequently asked questions!

Q: What happens when the powerbank is not returned?

A: When a user goes to rent a powerbank in the Brick app, they must upload a payment method. The user has the opportunity to return the powerbank within 5 days. If they do not return the powerbank then they will be charged a purchase fee set by the market. 

The breakdown of this price is for 5 days of rental and an additional cost for the powerbank itself. The user is made aware of this when they rent the powerbank in the app.

Q: How much do you charge users for renting the powerbank?

A: This is up to you as the partner! You are the expert in your market and you know it best so we leave this up to the partner to choose how many you charge users and for how long. Brick can harmonize prices among markets to ensure there is no outlier charging exceptionally more or less than a neighboring partner. 

As a partner, you can choose how much you charge the user per 30 or 60 minutes, per 24 hours, and the purchase price if the user does not return the powerbank. If you are unsure of what you would like to charge, it is best to talk with your Partner Success Manager. We encourage you to use the freedom to test different pricing models across your market and at specific venues!

Q: Do I give the venue owners a percentage of the profits?

A: Again, up to you! In general, we recommend reserving this for exceptional venues that would provide additional rentals to cover this ‘cost’ either through brand exposure or because the volume of rentals would more than make up for the ‘cost’ of the revenue share.

Since, you as the partner, are the one creating the relationship with the venues - we leave it up to you to decide whether you will give a venue a percentage of the profits.

Q: What support will Brick provide?

A: As a partner with Brick, you will enter into our Partner Success Program where you will get technical, marketing, and everyday support!

Our Partner Success Manager will walk alongside you through the Brick partnership to help you launch, manage, and scale your powerbank sharing business. It is important to note that Market Operators, due to their monetary and time commitment, have priority when it comes to support and implementation of projects.

Our Network Partners will be onboarded upon signing, have yearly 5-hour access to a Partner Success manager, and self-serve through our online learning platform.

Q: How do I sell this to venues?

A: Brick stations are an added value service for venues that can provide this service and product to their customers. It is a good idea to go in person to the venues as opposed to cold calling or emailing and asking them directly how often they charge people's phones in their venue. Have a few selling points ready to gauge the venue’s interest!

Think like a typical Brick user that might go out on the town, walking from a cafe to a nearby bar and later on to a venue where someone might go to a show are the types of venues we are most successful at. Any location where someone needs a charge, be it a bar, a waiting room, a stadium, a newsstand, etc. would be an ideal placement.

While the Brick network allows a user to take a Brick powerbank from one venue and return it to any other venue globally, many users stay at one venue. The longer a customer stays at a venue, the more likely they are to spend more money at a venue, a great business case for venue owners. 

Asking the venue staff how often someone needs a charge will most likely get them to say that they do so quite a bit and you can state that this product will not only add an added-value service to their stay at the venue but that this service and product can alleviate responsibilities so that the venue staff can do their job!

Q: How much do I give venues to place the station and for the profits made from the rentals?

A: It is key to find a venue that believes in Brick and the service it brings the users so that the station can be placed in the venue for free and the users will pay for the rentals. Rental space shouldn’t be paid for in the venue and the station should be placed for free because the venue knows and loves the product and the service it provides. 

Q: Why do I need to set up a company?

A: We require all partners regardless of partnership type to create a company because of legal risks on all ends, and to streamline the payment and invoicing process.

Q: Do I need a team to operate my market?

A: This depends on a few factors:

- How much time can/will you spend on Brick?
- How many stations do you plan on placing?
- Geographical distance between your stations

If you consider having a large network with many stations, you will need help in operating Brick. This can be done through employment or third-party assistance, both have been tried and tested successfully.

Q: Is VAT included?

A: To become a Brick Partner, we require that you set up a registered company with a VAT Number. This helps us streamline the payment and invoicing process. We will charge you the VAT in your local market.

All questions answered?

We know that curiosity knows no bounds. If you still have questions about bringing Brick to your market, a Brick Representative is ready to connect with you!