The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions!

You ask, we answer! Here are the 10 frequently asked questions, covering topics such as payments, pricing, partnerships, hardware, and software!

The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions!
Here are the 10 most popular FAQs ranging from payments and pricing, partnership, hardware, and software!

Here are the 10 most popular FAQs ranging from payments and pricing to partnership, hardware, and software!

Q: What does it cost to be a Brick Partner?

A: The cost to be a partner with Brick depends on whether you are a Network Partner or Market Operator.

  • Network Partners must order a minimum quantity of 20 stations and pay a monthly station fee of €5 per station. Network Partners pay 30% revenue share.
  • The minimum order quantity for Market Operators is 100 stations, an operations fee of €5 per station is applied for months when the stations are active, and a yearly partner fee of €10'000. Market Operators pay 15% revenue share.

Q: What can I expect to make as a partner?

A: The global average is €3.7 per rental, and between 0.75-1.25 rentals per station and day, depending on the market. You can read more here about what you can expect to earn

Q: Is there any insurance or warranty on the stations or the power banks?

A: There is a 1-year factory warranty that covers instances when a station breaks, and we cannot repair it. The factory warranty covers hardware-related issues, but anything software-related is a work in progress.

For the power banks: Broken power banks may be covered by the same factory warranty, but more commonly it befalls the end-user to cover the cost through our purchasing fee.

Q: What happens if a station is broken or stolen?

A: This is something you can decide in your venue agreement; who will be responsible for the station? In Sweden, we don't charge a venue partner if the station breaks. We have a 1-year factory warranty, however, we do not take responsibility for damaged or lost stations if not from a factory issue.

Q: What is the lifespan of the station and the power bank?

A: The stations have a lifespan of at least 3-5 years. The powerbanks have a lifecycle of the powerbank is at least 500 full charges which are 100-0%.

Q: Do the venues get any percentage of the revenue?

A: It depends on the market and the partner. Brick HQ does not dictate revenue split with venues.

Q: What milestones do I have to reach as a Market Operator?

A: The milestones are specific to your market and are set in line with how many stations should be placed in the market within 3 years to achieve market saturation. Achieving the milestones leads to discounts, growth credits, and market exclusivity.

Q: How often does Brick update the products?

A: There are weekly software updates. Hardware updates are more scarce, as any design mistakes can be costly.

Q: What is the average revenue per rental?

A: €3.7, around 100 minutes of charging is normal, but with some few holding the power bank for more than a day, this increases the average revenue per rental.

Q: What is the key demographic?

A: Individuals under the age of 30 have proven to be the most frequent Brick users, but in markets where the stations are more ubiquitous we see a much more varied audience.

Q: How do I sell this to venues?

A: All our partners are provided with templates, know-how, and best practices to prepare for venue sales. The process can be intricate and tedious, so we'll refer to this article about how to sell powerbank stations to venues.

Become a Brick Partner

Becoming a Brick Partner can get you started from €4580 as an initial investment, making our partnership a viable path towards passive income. For grander plans, we offer market operator possibilities, where we work together to achieve high growth towards market saturation. The possibilities are endless, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!