The 10 most frequently asked questions we receive from you!

The 10 most frequently asked questions we receive from you!
Here are the 10 most popular FAQs ranging from payments and pricing, partnership, hardware, and software!

Here are the 10 most popular FAQs ranging from payments and pricing to partnership, hardware, and software!

Q: What does it cost to be a Network partner?

A: The cost to be a partner with Brick depends on if you are a Network Partner or Market Owner.

  • If you are a Network Partner then it is a minimum purchase order of 20 stations (we recommend a mixture of 50/50 on the different sizes of stations and shipping is not included in the price) and a monthly station fee of €5 per station per month to make up for the cost of the data from the sim card inserted into the station (price not contingent on the size of the stations).
  • If you are a Market Owner then it is a minimum purchase order of 100 stations (again mixture of 50/50 different station sizes, and shipping is not included), a station fee of €5 per station per month to make up for the cost of the data from the sim card inserted into the station (price not contingent on the size of the stations), and a monthly exclusivity fee, around €1500 depending on the market size, to lock in your market.
  • There are no start-up fees!

Q: What can I expect to make as a partner?

A: Depends on the size of your network, your pricing model, and other factors. Today the average transaction is around €3 per rental. You can read more here about what you can expect to earn

Q: Is there any insurance or warranty on the stations or the power banks?

A: For the stations: There is a 1-year factory warranty. If a station breaks, we cannot repair it as the system is complex and usually not mechanically related. Any software-related errors we can assist with, but not physical damage.

For the power banks: When a power bank breaks, we need to understand if it is a production flaw or a customer that breaks it. If it is a production flaw, we will send you new power banks for free. If a customer breaks it, they should not be able to return it and will automatically purchase it. If a power bank is lost or purchased, you will earn €25 for the lost power bank on top of the price of renting it. You can always buy more power banks from us for the price of €10 a piece.

Q: What happens if a station is broken or stolen?

A: This is something you can decide in your venue agreement; who will be responsible for the station? In Sweden, we don't charge a venue partner if the station breaks. We have a 1-year factory warranty, however, we do not take responsibility for damaged or lost stations if not from a factory issue.

Q: What is the lifespan of the station and the power bank?

A: For the station: The stations have a lifespan of at least 3-5 years.

For the power banks: the lifecycle of the power bank is at least 500 full charges which are 100-0%.

Q: Do the venues get any percentage of the revenue?

A: This is entirely up to you. We share a revenue percentage in the Swedish market, but you are not obliged to.

Q: What milestones do I have to reach as an Exclusive Network Partner?

A: The milestones are specific to your market and country. An example would be placing a certain amount of stations or ordering stations by a certain amount of time. The point of them in general is to ensure partner success to see you’re on a healthy track and how we can help you reach profitability. If the business reaches a halt, then there might be discussions about exclusivity.

Q: Is Brick preparing for some new kind of stuff?

A: We are constantly looking into new features and functions!

Q: What is the average revenue per rental?

A: €3, around 100 minutes of charging is normal, but with some few holding the power bank for more than a day, this increases the average revenue per rental.

Q: Who is your key demographic?

A: Individuals under the age of 30 

Q: How do I sell this to venues?

A: First off, it is important to understand that you will have to talk to a lot of different people and venues. Bringing a station to demo the product, together with our sales material provided, should be enough to spark interest and get your stations placed when speaking to venue owners and managers! Usually, it is good to ask if their customers ever ask if they can charge their phones. They do, and you have the best solution for this problem. Here's more information about how to sell powerbank stations to venues.

Interested in building passive income or a large-scale business?

The start-up cost of becoming a Brick partner is €4 000. For many, 20 stations and a passive income from their Brick stations is more than enough. To others, it is an opportunity to build a large-scale business without having to add a range of operating costs.

See full revenue calculations or go ahead and apply to become a network partner

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