What Can You Do to Get Started Quickly?

Our priority is to always get new partners started as quickly as we can. We know that time is precious, so let's get moving!

What Can You Do to Get Started Quickly?

New business partnerships are exciting, especially with us! After signing the contract, you’ll probably want to get started pronto. At Brick HQ, we know that time is precious and have come up with a few points to help our partners get started quickly and efficiently!

Company registration

When signing a partnership agreement we require all partners, regardless of partnership type, to create a company because of legal risks on all sides. By doing this, we protect ourselves and our partners. This will also help us streamline the payment and invoicing process. The duration of a company registration differs between countries, but we recommend starting as quickly as you can.


Can’t ignore this. When a partner sends their payment promptly, we can send the powerbank stations almost immediately. This means you can start installing powerbank stations at venues and generating revenue as soon as possible. In contrast, delayed payment can lead to delays in the shipping of the stations, which can impact your ability to generate revenue. This is particularly important when planning for a busy tourism season or to get stations placed ahead of holidays which can be significant revenue drivers.


Fiscalization of receipts and transactions, as well as tax-related rules and regulations, must be followed by your and our business to comply with all the relevant regulations in your market. To avoid any legal issues we rely on our locally based partners to have knowledge regarding these matters to ensure a timely market launch. If your market requires unconventional tax or receipt reporting mechanisms, please alert HQ as early as possible to avoid any roadblocks to the market launch.


We might need some help with translating the app to your market’s language. We have many languages already translated for the app and our website. Though English is always available, providing these services in the local language is crucial to ensure alignment with market and user engagement. It’s always helpful, and appreciated, to help Brick HQ with the needed translations!


Before you meet with venues, it’s essential to develop a sales pitch. Preparation goes a long way in making a lasting impression. It’s best to research the venue and understand its demographics as this will tailor your pitch to suit their specific needs. Having a well-thought-out pitch will help you close the deal faster and get your powerbank stations placed in the venue. You can work with the partner success manager to develop a strong sales pitch tailored to your market. We suggest starting with your personal network when first launching, before going after more complex institutions like hospitals and airports.


Powerbank sharing isn’t a marketing-heavy business. It’s essential to focus on placements for your powerbank stations before entering into any major marketing campaigns. Meeting with venues (restaurants, airports, shopping centers) can be a great way to introduce your stations and get them placed in strategic locations. This strategy will help your business gain more visibility, increase brand awareness, and attract users!

Our priority is to always get new partners started as quickly as we can - you’re not alone in doing so! After signing the contract, the partner is onboarded in the partner success program with our Partner Success Manager. You’ll have a chat about any market-specific needs you might have and get onboarded into the world of Brick.

Exciting times lie ahead! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need anything along the way.

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