Why the Bartender is Brick's Most Valuable Player

Bartenders play a crucial role in the successful placement of power bank stations in bars. They act as brand ambassadors for Brick partners and ensure a hassle-free rental experience for Brick users.

Why the Bartender is Brick's Most Valuable Player

Bartenders are the real MVPs when it comes to placing power bank stations in bars! They serve as ambassadors for the Brick partner and provide a seamless rental experience for Brick users. Their support and enthusiasm make all the difference in creating a positive and convenient charging solution.

Brick user

Imagine this scenario: You're out on the town with your friends; enjoying the night, snapping photos, checking the next bar for your crawl, and suddenly your battery is running low. The bartender comes to the rescue and points you to their power bank station. With relief, you can now charge your phone (on the go) and continue enjoying your night without any worries. Cheers to the bartender for saving the day!

Brick partner

Bars are a prime location for Brick power bank stations, it can be tricky to get in. That's why it's essential to strike up a conversation with the bartender. Ask them about their charging policy and how often they're approached by customers looking to charge their phones. We're almost certain that it's one of their most common and bothersome inquiries. The staff doesn’t want to be responsible for phones and guests don’t want to continue their nights with an empty phone. What could make everyone’s life better? That’s right, a powerbank station!

Bartenders have firsthand knowledge of their customer's needs and preferences, making them invaluable in determining whether a power bank sharing station would be a great addition to their bar. Their endorsement and support can make all the difference in successfully placing a station.

Onboard the staff

The onboarding process for bartenders and venue staff is crucial for the success of your powerbank sharing service. Think of them as the host of your powerbank sharing service. To have a successful station placement, it’s important to give them some basic troubleshooting instructions, make them feel confident in using the service themselves, and make sure they’re comfortable with the contact with their local Brick representative. It’s normal to give venue staff free rentals for them to experience and get to know the service. Happy venue staff = happy ambassadors for your network!

Word-of-mouth is your friend

Bartenders, being great ambassadors of the power bank sharing service, can play a significant role in spreading the word. Word-of-mouth marketing by bartenders sharing their positive experiences is a highly effective and trustworthy way to attract new users and potential placements. However, it is important to ensure a successful onboarding process for the staff, as their understanding and enthusiasm for the service will determine the effectiveness of their word-of-mouth marketing. When the staff is properly onboarded and knowledgeable about the service, their advocacy can greatly benefit your network!

Onboarding is key to your success!

We can’t stress this enough without sounding like a broken record: onboarding is key to your success! Informed staff will work in your favor by helping your service succeed. They’re a great way to spread the word about the new powerbank sharing service in town!

Become a Brick Partner

Powerbank sharing with Brick holds promising prospects for your success! You can get started with €4580 as an initial investment. 20 stations will be the perfect launching pad for your network, giving you the boost you need to kickstart your network.