What Is the Difference Between a Market Operator and a Network Partner?

Finding the right partnership for you is up to your own goals. Looking for an easy-to-manage side hustle or do you want to put in the time and create a big business?

What Is the Difference Between a Market Operator and a Network Partner?

If you're reading this, you may already be familiar with powerbank sharing and our products. But if it's a new concept for you, you can start by learning more about it or continue reading to understand our partnership model, specifically the distinction between a Market Operator and a Network Partner.

What is a Brick Market Operator or Network Partner?

As a Brick Market Operator (MO), you start a partnership that is centered around market saturation together with Brick. You have the opportunity to operate Brick exclusively in your market on a larger scale upon expansion. This means that you have full control over the market, meaning that no other partners can enter your market without your consent.

On the other hand, as a Network Partner (NP), you have a simpler setup with fewer stations and a more passive approach to powerbank sharing. Network Partners can either be part of a Market Operator Network with their consent or operate as non-exclusive partners in a market. It's an exciting opportunity for growth and expansion.

Differences between a Market Operator and a Network Partner

Let's dive into the differences between Market Operator and Network Partner.

Number of powerbank stations
As a Market Operator, you have the opportunity to build a large-scale business and expand your network across a substantial area. To accelerate your growth, you start with a minimum of 100 stations. This allows you to establish a significant presence and capture a larger customer base within your market.

On the other hand, as a Network Partner, you start with a smaller number of stations, a minimum of 20. This approach allows you to focus on your local area and generate passive income from the rentals of these stations. The network size is smaller compared to a Market Operator, however, you can always expand your network with more stations as you please.

Partner priority

As the Market Operators have growth targets and a market saturation goal, we will always prioritize our time to help them grow their networks. A Network partner gets access to our platforms and uses the templates we have to get their primary support.

Revenue and cost

There are also differences between the revenue received and the cost of operations between the partnerships to consider. Generally, it will always be more profitable for a partner to be a Market Operator when the network surpasses 200 stations, due to the Operations fee per station, and revenue split differences in the partnerships.

Exclusivity in your market

One notable distinction between being a Market Operator and a Network Partner is market exclusivity. As an MO, you have the opportunity to secure exclusivity in your market during expansion. To become an Exclusive Market Operator, you must reach station milestones to ensure your network is growing at the right pace.

As an NP, you do not have market exclusivity. This means that other NPs can place stations or an MO can take market exclusivity. It's important to note that even without exclusivity, you can still continue your operations and generate income as an NP. However, you may need to work in cooperation with other partners within the market to ensure a harmonious and coordinated approach to powerbank sharing.

The operations software and solutions

Brick provides all partners access to data insights and tools to effectively manage, build, and grow their shared powerbank business.

Email account
Partners will receive an official Brick email account.

The app and website
The app and website will be translated into the partner's language. Market Operators receive priority for station requests from the website, ensuring they are prioritized over Network Partners in the same market.

Payment Solution
All partners have access to a payment solution that will be tailored to meet their local requirements. This payment infrastructure enables partners to effectively manage payments from Brick.

Marketing and design materials
All partners have access to Brick's extensive library of downloadable and editable marketing and design materials. Market Operators have the added benefit of being able to request specific materials and receive tailored marketing assistance. Network Partners can also request help and, under certain circumstances, specific materials can be produced for them.

Communication with Brick HQ
Regarding communication with Brick HQ, both Network Partners and Market Operators have access to a shared global channel. In addition, Market Operators have the advantage of having a private channel for direct communication with Brick HQ.

The Dashboard
The Brick Dashboard, built from scratch by our development team, offers partners valuable insights into their venues, stations, rentals, and revenue. With this tool, partners of all sizes and markets can manage their businesses remotely and make data-driven decisions. The Dashboard provides crucial information to analyze the success of their powerbank sharing businesses and identify areas for improvement.

Social Media
Market Operators are provided with an Instagram account for their market, allowing them to promote their powerbank sharing business, something that isn't offered to Network Partners. Instead, Brick offers to promote any events through our main account.

Technical support
Regardless of the partnership type, all Brick partners have access to our technical support team, as well as customer support for users. Our team at Brick HQ in Stockholm is here to assist and address any technical or customer-related inquiries you may have!

Goals and Milestones for a Brick Market Operator

Market Operators have contractual Milestones that they are required to achieve to maintain their exclusivity in their designated market. These Milestones serve as a means for both the Market Operator and Brick HQ to ensure their respective goals are met. Milestones typically involve aspects such as strategic placements of stations and other measures aimed at building a successful powerbank sharing business. In addition to Milestones, Market Operators receive support through our Partner Success program.

On the other hand, Network Partners have access to Brick Academy and have a yearly 5-hour access to a Partner Success Manager.

Become a Brick Partner

Becoming a Brick partner can get you started with €4580 as an initial investment. 20 stations will be the perfect launching pad for your network, giving you the boost you need to kickstart your network. It might be enough for you, but why not seize the opportunity to expand and grow? The possibilities are endless, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!