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Okay, everything is signed and your stations are arriving any minute. Now what? There's no reason to wait!

Here's some short articles we think will be very useful to read to get up and running straight away:

What can you do, as a partner, to get started quickly?
Our priority is to always get new partners started as quickly as we can - you’re not alone in doing so! Exciting times lie ahead! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need anything along the way.

Placing your stations

How we placed our first stations - Part 1 - The Launch
The CEO of Brick Technology share how we started Brick in Sweden and his insights, learnings, and advice from launching an almost unknown product in a new market
How we placed our first stations - Part 2 - The Expansion
The CEO of Brick Technology share how we started Brick in Sweden and his insights, learnings, and advice from expanding the network of powerbank stations
Where should you place the powerbank stations?
Brick partners are able to order the size and type of station they want. Each station has its pros and cons depending on what kind of venue it is, how big it is and what the needs are for that particular venue.
How to sell powerbank stations to venues
One of the most important factors to consider when selling your stations is to remember that people will shorten their stay or leave the venue if they can’t charge their phones. What you are selling here is a value-added service where the venue can solve problems - for free!
Selling points when placing a powerbank station
Building your network takes time and requires you to meet with many different people and venues. You’ll approach different venues and will need to use different selling points. Here are some other selling points you can use for your pitch.
Case Study - Placing a powerbank station in a bar
Bars are ideal places to start when expanding your network of powerbank sharing stations. When the owner understands the service, it can become a great help for both the guests and the staff.
Placing a powerbank station in a shopping mall - a case study
Shopping malls or shopping centres can be a great space for a larger kind of powerbank sharing stations with a screen and plenty of powerbanks. 5 possible reasons for a shopping mall to install a Large powerbank station: A powerbank station creates value for the mall visitors
Why onboarding a venue is your key to success
The onboarding process should not be taken lightly. It’s not difficult to do a good onboarding, but failure can lead to many unnecessary problems
Marketing as a Network Partner
Power Bank Sharing is not a marketing-heavy business. First-time users are mostly found through urgency and being in a bar where the station is present. Repeat users will use the app as their gateway to return to the stations, remarketing is ineffective

About the partnership

Roles and Responsibilities of Partners and Brick
In the partnership system, there are three roles: Brick, Market Owners, and Network Partners. There can be both Market Owners and Network Partners in the same market, only one of the two, or multiple Network Partners. We work together to create and expand a successful business concept. So what role
Interview with Brick’s Market Owner in Scotland
Are you considering wheater to start your own brand or join an existing network? Do you want to know more about power bank sharing and how it is to work with us? You’re at the right place. We had a chat with David, the Market Owner for Brick Scotland to

Info about technical questions

Get started – Setting up your station | Brick Help Center
Hear it from the devs: How does fiscalization work?
Fiscalization, maybe you’re familiar with it or maybe it’s the first time you’re seeing the term. In short, fiscalization is the process of reporting tax and your sales to the relevant authorities, in most cases some government instance in the country you’re operating.